Where can I play bingo online for money: A letter from a Best Us Bingo reader

mail from a BestUsBingo reader

Here at Best Us Bingo we take pride in being the best resource for people who want to find the best websites to play bingo online for money. We conduct careful evaluations of each and every site that we promote and stand strong behind our recommendations.

Before posting a site that you can play bingo online for money, we first evaluate them using a multiple criteria screening which includes gameplay, ease of use, user experience and security.

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Our 5 Favorite Celebrities That Play Bingo

catherine zeta jones

We know you love to play bingo, and guess what? Some of your favorite celebrities also love to play the game too! From some of the best A-list actors to British Royalty and even the President of the United States of America, all types of people play the world’s favorite game.

Read our top 5 list and be amazed at the people that love to daub up a card. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself playing against some of them!

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5 ways to win more money playing online bingo

can you win free cash instantly online

Interested to learn the ways you can win more money playing online bingo? A lot of players make some real simple mistakes, which if corrected show an increase in the amount of winnings they earn. If you’re looking for a way to start winning more money in your online bingo game, this is the article for you!

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Online slots: The new gaming frontier

BingoHall's Glorious Rome slots game

Online slots have become more popular the last few years due to the amount of players making the switch to online casinos. The virtual version of the popular casino game offers users a more interactive user experience, practically re-inventing slots.

A whole new world

Starting up a new game is like entering a new world. Each online slots game has its own theme that the game is centered around. It provides a totally unique experience and is almost comparable to playing a video game.

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Bingo Halls July Online Bingo Promotion: Lucky $ign Tournament

BingoHall.ag's Lucky Sign Tournament

Make sure to visit www.bingohall.com this July as they are prepping up one of the most exciting online bingo promotions to date! Their new Lucky $ign Tournament has already been turning heads and creating quiet a buzz within the online gaming world and there is no wonder why. With awesome prizes and non-stop online bingo fun, it’s no wonder why they’ve become the #1 site online for 24/7 bingo action.

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What are pay lines in online slots and how to use them

BingoHall's Transylvania Slots Game

Win more by utilizing the paylines in online slots

Do you play online slots? If you do then you better make sure you completely utilize the full capabilities of paylines. Paylines are the core of any slots game. Regular casino games have just one payline and usually 3 different reels. Online slots are a lot more complex and have up to 30 different paylines and as many as 5 reels.

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Biggest prizes won in online bingo

BingoHall's bingo buggle cruise

What is a good bingo prize?

Known as being on the forefront of the online bingo industry, Bingo Hall has built a solid online gaming reputation through quality entertainment and fun. They’ve been host to the best competitions that gave away some extravagant prizes including large sums of cash and automobiles! A lot of players ask us what a good prize is, and we always refer them to the prizes given away at Bingo Hall. The site is an online gaming authority and is a solid representation of what a virtual bingo hall should be.

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