Is Tombola Bingo better than BingoHall?

Why not to pick Tombola Bingo

Many sites offer amazing online bingo games to their potential players. But how can a bingo player choose from the multitude of sites that are scattered all over the Internet? Well, these players should pick the site they feel the most comfortable with. Today, we, the Best US Bingo team, picked two famous sites. So, which is the best: Tombola Bingo or BingoHall? Follow us and see which of them we advise you to pick.

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The fine line between being a cheeky bingo player and a rude bingo player

Being a cheeky bingo player is advisable

As in real life, every person who uses a chat room has to respect a set of guidelines, often known as chatiquette, in order to ease the interaction with the other users. Of course, one could easily respect this chatiquette in his/her own witty and humoristic way. That person is often seen as a cheeky bingo player. But what happens when the line is crossed and people start to feel offended by your jokes? Well, that’s when cheeky turns into rude. So, are you cheeky or are you rude? Follow us through this article & get your question answered.

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Top three free bingo sites

The finest selection of free bingo sites

We, the Best US Bingo team, are sure that most of the newbies out there would like to experience free bingo sites before starting to play the real money game. ‘But what site should I choose?’ many of them may ask themselves. Well, this article is going to highlight what you should take into account when picking a site that offers free online bingo games. Also, it will present to you our selection of three sites where you can play free bingo and have an enjoyable time. Stick with us and your questions will be answered.

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How to play bingo for money: The little black book

The best strategies to play bingo for money

Bingo is one of the most beloved games of chance in the world. This fact is of no surprise for anybody, as bingo has a rich history and millions of fans worldwide.  But what does it make it so likable? And which is the best strategy to play bingo for money at online bingo halls nowadays? Let’s answer these questions one at a time because, hey, we’re dealing with a game that appeared as long as 6 centuries ago! From being called “beano” to its famous “bingo” name, from classic to progressive and from the free versions to the cash ones, each one has its kind of magic. So, follow us through this article.

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Don’t be a cheeky bingo player: what not to do when playing online bingo

What type of cheeky bingo player are you?

Many may think that bingo chat rooms can be used to prove their people skills and talk as they please with the other players. But did anybody notice how thin the line between being a rude cheeky bingo player and a likable one is? If you don’t want to be in danger of being seen as a rude cheeky person, you should read the following lines and stick to the tips we will give you. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the article!

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Should you play bingo free?

An aid for those who want to play bingo free

We always try to bring to light the most interesting matters for you bingo players. And, as time passed by, we realized that the question whether one should play bingo free was risen by many. In this article, we’ll explain the numerous utilities of playing online bingo for free, so that you’ll be left with absolutely no doubts regarding the matter. So, if you’re among those who question the use of free bingo and don’t know if starting to play it could be seen as an option, do read this article!

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Play online bingo as a winter warmup!

The best activity for frosty days - playing online bingo

In the most wonderful time of the year, Bingo Hall comes with a promotion that will surely cheer you up. If you participate in the 24-Day X-mas Giveaway from Bingo Hall, you will be as jolly as one can be. You will have the chance of playing online bingo as a winter warmup and you can also win loads of prizes besides the money jackpots, all these thanks to the advent calendar Bingo Hall offers you. Follow us through this article and you will find out how you can be given the chance of enjoying an advent calendar once again.

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Can you play free bingo games for cash?

Benefits of playing free bingo for cash

For those of you who are wondering whether you can play free bingo games for cash, we are here to make things clearer! Follow us through an exhaustive outlook on the topic and you will be more informed and up to date with all requirements and rules of playing online bingo for free.

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Top Bingo Games at Bingo Hall this month

Take a look at the best bingo games at Bingo Hall

Not a week goes by without us reviewing the most played and appreciated online bingo games! This week we turn our attention towards Bingohall, a great gaming platform with lots of rooms to choose from. We just clicked on “Bingo lobby” and there they were- eight bingo rooms, each one with a different interface, attractive prizes and huge jackpots!

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Why you shouldn’t play bingo for money

Advice on how to play bingo for money

We always try to bring to your attention fresh new topics, and the last few days we have been thinking about the reasons that make bingo such a successful game. We all love it and so we tried to make a survey amongst our friends and find out whether they play bingo for money, just for the thrill of it, or for the social component. Their answers lead us to the belief that money should in no way be an objective, but rather something on the side. That’s actually why it was invented in the first place: so that people could all gather up and have fun together!

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