Year of Cash Tournament on Vics Bingo

Hello, dears! The Best US Bingo team salutes you and wishes you a prosperous year once again! Also, we’d like to present you the first tournament of the year at Vics Bingo, “Year of Cash Tournament”. This promotion will help you start the year on the right foot, for sure! If you participate in this Tournament rather than going to Tombola Bingo, you will have both an amazing experience, and the possibility of winning LOADS of cash. It’s a Best US Bingo promise! So let’s get started!

Why Vics Bingo is better than Tombola Bingo

What makes Vics Bingo better than Tombola Bingo?

Well, the answer is simple: Vics Bingo provides its players with huge chances of winning LOTS of cash. And by “LOTS” of cash, we mean piles of it! So, if we caught your interest, please note that the Tournament will be available on Vics Bingo from January 5th to January 11th. Hurry up and visit Vics! J But what are the prizes? And which are the rules you have to follow to win these prizes? Stick with us and find out! Don’t you even think about moving to Tombola Bingo until we present you Vics’ cool promotion!

Prizes & rules of Vics Bingo’s Year of Cash Tournament

This Tournament has some rules you’ll have to abide by if you want to win its staggering prizes. But don’t think they’re some rigid rules; no, they’re actually quite cool and entertaining. For example, the objective of the tournament is to look for the Dollar Bill Pattern in the bingo Rooms and feel the sweet taste of cash. Every Room has its prizes, as follows:

Supernova Room – dancing $300 – $600

Afterhours Lounge – dancing $75 – $200

Dollar room – dancing $100-$250

Fair and Square room – dancing $30 – $80

Quarter room – dancing $60 – $120

Desperate Housewives room – dancing $60-$120

Crazy room – dancing $20-$40

In this tournament, you are going on a bit of a treasure hunt for the Dollar Bill Pattern. This is pretty entertaining, don’t you think so? And if you are among Vics’ top three winners, you can get these additional prizes:

1st place – $500 BONUS

2nd place – $250 BONUS

3rd place – $100 BONUS

Your year’s start will surely be a prosperous one! So hurry up and grab their prizes! Of course, you might as well try Tombola bingo first, only to convince yourself that this promotion makes Vics Bingo one of the best bingo halls online!

In conclusion

We surely think that this promotion’s staggering prizes deserve some attention. Tombola Bingo’s promotion may be nice, but not as nice as Vics’ Year of Cash Tournament! So make yourselves comfy and start playing online bingo in this Tournament! Some extra hundreds of bucks are always welcome!





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