Win a Plane Ticket in this Online Bingo Tournament

Today we have a new suggestion for you: a unique online bingo tournament designed to bring you closer to your family! If you find yourself thinking about the most memorable and enjoyable moments you and your family have spent together, it’s clearly time to pay your beloved ones a visit! It the feeling is mutual and your family can hardly wait to see you and welcome you with a big and delicious Thanksgiving dinner, then stop pondering and pack your bags! Home for Thanksgiving Tournament, which you can find on, makes it all possible by giving you the amazing chance of winning 2 round-trip plane tickets, anywhere in your country to reunite with your family!

Get a plane ticket in this online bingo tournament

A seasonal online bingo tournament that comes with a great prize

This online bingo tournament lasts for the entire month of November and you are encouraged to play online bingo and look for the Turkey Pattern, as this is the first step you should take in order to participate in one of the greatest bingo promotions. You want to win as many patterns as you can, as the prize is granted to the player that manages to have the biggest number of patterns.

Now let’s see how you can effectively double your chances of winning, as this depends on the room you enter to cover the pattern. First, you must know that the rooms which will earn you more points are the Supernova room and the Dollar room. The patterns in the last two rooms, Crazy room and Nickels room, have a value of 2 points for the first one and 1 point for the second one. Like in any online bingo tournament, play responsibly and choose the room you feel more comfortable with moneywise, after deciding how much you are willing to spend.

Although this bingo tournament takes place during the entire month of November, the points are calculated at the end of each week, and your goal is to have the best score each week. The tournament starts on Saturday, November 1st and ends on November 30th.To enter the competition, make sure to pre-buy cards as soon as possible to increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to check the Leaderboard to keep track of your points and note that it will be reset every Saturday at 12:00 AM EST, so you have to win the most points until Friday at 32:59 PM EST. Also, as a rule, the winner is entitled to only one prize per bingo promotion.


What sets this online bingo tournament apart from others of its kind?

With so many bingo promotions out there, we sometimes find it hard to choose the best one. We think that everyone draws a great deal of satisfaction from winning a competition, but what if the reward has a deeper purpose than a purely financial one?

This is one of our dearest promotions as it involves more than winning money, it’s a great opportunity for both you and your family to get together. We already imagine having the whole gang roaring for you and encouraging you to play your best to win so that you have a nice family gathering. Now that you know what’s at stake, don’t let this amazing bingo online tournament come to an end without trying your luck!

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