Win A Massage Chair In Bingo Hall’s Online Bingo Tournament

Do you suffer from back problems and/or cramped muscles? Do you also love to play in online bingo tournaments? If this combination sounds familiar then you’re in for a real treat. The friendly team over at Bingo Hall have created a new online bingo tournament in which you can win your very own fully body massage chair!

win a chair in bingo halls online bingo tournament

Get ready to take on the Bingo Chill Out Tournament, aimed for the hard-working individuals that deserve some rest and relaxation. The online bingo tournament will be taking place next week from September 1stSeptember 7th at Bingo Hall.

The way to win is easy. You’re going to want to stack up on as many chair patterns as possible. The player that has the most sets of 7 patterns by the end of the tournament will be walking away with the full body massage chair that has an MSRP of over $1,500! The second place winner takes home $250 Cash and third place gets $100 Cash.

Get ready to literally take the stress off your back with this online bingo tournament prize. It’s a full-body Shiatsu Massage Chair that can fully recline. The chair has a few different massages including kneading which reduces muscle pains and works out knots, shiatsu massage which relaxes muscle stress and compression/percussion which improves your flexibility, mobility and leg posture.

The winners of the online bingo tournament will be announced on Monday, September 8th. Make sure that you send your winning numbers over to [email protected] no later than Monday, September 8th at 2 AM EST. Remember to update your address information before participating in this online bingo tournament since the prize will be delivered without further confirmation of your delivery address. Contact LiveHelp at the Bingo Hall site if you have any questions regarding updating your information. The chair will be delivered within 5 – 10 business days after the winner is announced.

Even if you don’t win the massage chair there are still plenty of great cash bingo prizes up for grabs. Each room at Bingo Hall offers a different cash prize that can be won in dancing games. Check out our list below to see exactly how much you can win. Keep in mind that the cash bingo prizes are for dancing games.

Dancing Game Bingo Cash Prizes

Supernova Room$300 – $600

                                                                     Afterhours Lounge$75 – $200                                                           

Dollar Room$100 – $250

Fair and Square Room$30 – $80

Quarter Room$60 – $120

Desperate Housewives Room$60 – $120

Crazy Room$20 – $40

What are you guys waiting for? Head on over to Bingo Hall today and have a blast playing in this online bingo tournament. Not a member of their site? Don’t worry cause then you’re in for an extra treat. New members receive a $25 signup bonus and a total value of 1,100% on the first 3 deposits made. Don’t wait any longer and head on over to the best bingo site!

Take care and remember to always play responsibly.

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