Win $500 CASH In Sun’s Up! Online Bingo Tournament

Hello bingo enthusiasts and TGIF to all of you. The weekend is here and we’re ready to welcome it with open arms. We hope you’ve had a pleasant week and that you’ve all gotten lucky playing online bingo. As you already know our team here at Best Us Bingo is always looking for the best online bingo tournaments and promotions that are fun to play in and offer quality prizes. We think we’ve found a suitable match that you are all sure to enjoy.

Starting on Monday September 8th head on over to South Beach Bingo where you can play in the lovely Sun’s Up Tournament. This online bingo tournament is made for all those early risers since it takes place in the morning hours. Make sure to pour yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee/tea and sit down ready for a full hour of coverall games where you can win up to $500 in CASH!

Playing Bingo Online At South Beach Bingo

The online bingo tournament will be going on from September 8th – September 14th at South Beach Bingo, one of the best online bingo sites around. If you haven’t visited the site yet then you’re in for a real treat since they reward all new players that sign up with a $25 welcome bonus. They also run a special bonus offer in which you receive a percentage back on your first 3 deposits. Total deposit value is worth a sweet 1,100% meaning that if you deposit $100 you will actually have $1,100 in bonus!

The Sun’s Up! Online bingo tournament takes place for one hour per day next week and is in a different bingo room each day. The different rooms offer different CASH prize amounts. The schedule is posted below. Be sure to plan out which days you want to play so that you can win the maximum amount in the online bingo tournament.

Tuesday – Crazy Room

Wednesday – Quarter Room

Thursday – Desperate Housewives Room

Friday – Fair and Square Room

Saturday – Fusion Room

Sunday – Dollar Room

Below you can find the different payouts for each room in this online bingo tournament. As you can see each room offers you a different amount, so play in the one that suits you best.

Fusion Room – $500 CASH

Dollar Room – $350 CASH

Quarter Room – $200 CASH

Fair & Square Room – $200 CASH

Desperate Housewives Room – $150 CASH

Crazy Room – $100 CASH

The winners of the tournament will be announced on September 15th and the prizes will be awarded within 24 hours.

What Is A Coverall In Online Bingo?

In this online bingo tournament the way to win is to score a coverall. What is a coverall you ask?

A coverall is very self-explanatory and is basically described in the word itself. It means that your bingo card is completely covered. If every number is daubed on your 25 square bingo card then you’ve scored the coverall. In this online bingo tournament the first player to score a coverall will win the grand CASH prize. Be sure to stack up on as many cards as you can afford because the more cards you carry the higher your chances are of winning.

Head on over to South Beach Bingo today and have a blast!

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