What is the best bingo site for winning?

Bingo Hall

The best bingo site to win money on is Bingo Hall. They offer the widest variety of tournaments and promotions. Right now they have a progressive jackpot valued at $47,000! Since they have a big member base the tournaments have big cash prizes. You can win $1,000 every week in their Team Bingo Smackdown Tournament. You just have to gather a team of 4 bingo players (including yourself) and send Bingo Hall an e-mail. Check out the link above to get started. Also, if you’ve never played on the site before, they offer the best signup bonuses that we’ve seen.

Vics Bingo

Vics Bingo is known as being one of the best bingo sites where players often win. We really like one of their new promotions titled, Daub the Car 2 Tournament where they will be giving away a brand new car! As you see in the title its version 2.0, the first time around they gave away a Nissan Versa. This time the prize will be a Ford Fusion sedan. We think it makes for an awesome prize, since the car is both sleek and very economical. This bingo tournament takes place from June 2nd – June 30th, so if you want a chance at winning a car make sure to sign up ASAP!

Internet Bingo

Although it is a free site, Internet Bingo ranks as a top bingo site to win on. You get to play for free and at the end of every month they have a drawing where they give away some special gifts. Some of their prizes include Amazon gift certificates, iPod Nanos and a Plasma Tv! If you ask us, it’s not that shabby to be able to play on a free bingo site and also have a chance at taking home a prize. Remember, that for every bingo game that you win, you get one entry into the drawing.

Make sure to check out the above mentioned sites and increase your chances at winning. All the sites have fast and easy signup processes, so get winning!

If you have any questions/comments feel free to drop us a line down below. Remember to always play responsibly!

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