What bingo games should you play to win more?

It’s the second day of Christmas already, and it’s the right time for you to think about how you can win some more money for the New Year’s Eve party. Let’s face it, you do want to look fabulous for the occasion, right? If so, follow us through this article as we’ll tell you what bingo games from Bingo Hall to play in order to win even more than regularly, while also having a good time. So, we will first present to you the Rooms and what picking them implies.

A selection of hot bingo games

If you want to win more money…

Visit Bingo Hall’s Fusion Room, Desperate Housewives Room and Crazy Room! Playing bingo games in the Fusion Room is one of the best choices for seasoned players and jackpot lovers. Here, you can win sufficient money and have the time of your life. This is the room to visit if you want to raise your spirits. Desperate Housewives is a room for jackpot lovers. The jackpot is as high as 6,000$ and, when you buy 6 cards, you receive 3 free. The price of a card is 0.20$, which makes it more than reasonable when you think about the huge jackpot. Crazy Room is another choice for those who want the jackpot. With a staggering jackpot and a tiny 0.10$ cost per card, this Room is full of madness. But…

If you want to play bingo games & have fun…

Try Nickels Room, Quarter Room, and last but not least… Taboo Room! Unlike the other rooms, these rooms foster bingo games especially created for those who want to feel good. Taboo Room is the best choice if you feel witty and inhibitions-free. But remember, you must be 18+ to join it. So, enable auto daub and have fun! 🙂

To sum it up

Remember that the choice is yours; either way, you win a lot out of playing online bingo games. Whether you want to win some money or make some friends, keep in mind that the essence of these games is to have fun. PS: It’s Christmas; we hope you didn’t forget about the special Thank You Gift of the 24 Day X-mas Giveaway’s promotion, which you can win if you login on BingoHall.


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