What Are The Advantages Of Playing Online Bingo?

Are you getting tired of the same familiar faces at your local bingo hall? If you’re looking to change your current bingo situation then look no further than playing on an online bingo site. Players around the world agree that the sites are far better than the average local bingo hall. They offer more games, more prizes and you get to meet a lot of great players from around the world. We here at Best Us Bingo pride ourselves on being the best resource for online bingo and welcome newcomers with open arms. Let’s tell you about some of the advantages that you can find when playing on an online bingo site.

learn about the advantages of playing online bingo

Bingo Bonuses

The first thing you come across when playing is a thing called bingo bonuses. On a lot of sites you receive $25 free just for signing up. These are given out as an incentive as well as a boost to newcomers. The bingo bonuses help you get your feet wet, giving you the chance to try out the different games on the site.

Deposit Bonuses

Land based games are great, but they rarely or never give out bonuses. At an online bingo site you receive bonuses for signing up as well as depositing money. Think about how convenient that extra money is. Deposit bonuses reward a percentage on the amount you deposit. One of our favorite sites Bingo Hall gives out 1,100% total bonus value on the first three deposits made!

Play Anytime Anywhere

One thing we don’t like about land based games is that they can be restricting. What we mean is that they are played at a set time and only on certain days. For many people this isn’t convenient. Obligations like a job and family can keep players away from the game. This isn’t a problem when it comes to online bingo since there is always a game going on.

Not only can you play any time of day, but you can also play anywhere you have an internet connection. Obligations such as a job and family will no longer hold you back because you can now play free bingo without worries!

Can you imagine what it’s like? Sitting at work on your hour break and getting in on a fun bingo game online. You hearing the numbers being called as you mark your card off. This isn’t a dream folks; this is what online bingo is like!

Online Cash Prizes

The biggest advantage to online bingo is that the cash prizes tend to be much higher than what you can find in any land based game. The jackpots can easily reach above $100,000 and at Bingo Hall they are won quiet often. Take a look at their recent winner’s page to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

So if you’re thinking about trying out something new, we highly recommend that you play in an online bingo game. The $25 sign up bonus will allow you to try it out and get an idea if it’s right for you. Here are a few sites that we recommend.

Bingo Hall – They have a really easy to use interface and is made for the beginner and expert alike.

South Beach Bingo – A Miami themed website with good online slots too.

Vics Bingo – They’ve been around since 2002 and have a track record for giving out huge prizes like cars. Also you get a 450% bonus on Thursdays.

Take care and remember to play responsibly.

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