Vics Bingo New All Stars Online Bingo Tournament

One of our favorite online bingo tournament websites – Vics Bingo, is hosting a new bingo promotion that is jam packed with great prizes. The tournament has a galactic and out of this world feel to it and the name further adds to the mystique – All Stars Tournament.

Vics Bingo as an online bingo site has been on our radar the past few months due to a number of online bingo tournaments that had some really unique prizes.

The first competition that caught our attention was Dream Cruise, in which the 1st place winner got to go on a week-long tropical Caribbean cruise. The winner also got a ticket to participate in the Bingo Bugle championship that will be taking place on the cruise ship.

This is the type of prize we like when looking for an online bingo tournament because a free cruise is just plain AWESOME!

Getting started in the All Stars online bingo tournament

The first thing you have to do if you want to play in any online bingo tournament on Vics Bingo is to register an account. Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a hassle and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. It’s great too because you get to create a mini-social profile where you can upload a user profile picture and even tell the other players a little bit about your interests and hobbies.

After you’ve completed your account activation you’ll be rewarded with a free $25 bonus that you can use in the tournament.

We recommend that you use this time to deposit money into your account as well.

There is a 500% bonus on your 1st deposit as a new player. In short what that means is that if you deposit, let’s say $100, you’ll be given $500 in bonus. Keep in mind that there is also a 2nd deposit bonus of 350% and a 3rd deposit bonus of 250% which bring the total bonuses to 1,100%. That’s a really good boost for a first time player and lets you get the most out of an online bingo tournament!

How to win

The objective of the online bingo tournament is to gain as many stars as possible. The player that has the most stars wins.

The tournament is played on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Monday is the most rewarding day with a $5,000 cash prize. With that type of money you could take a trip around the world or even buy yourself some really nice toys!

Monday Bingo Cash Prizes

1st place – $5,000 CASH

 2nd place – $1,000 BONUS

   3rd place – $500 BONUS

Wednesday Bingo Cash Prizes

1st place – $1,500 CASH

   2nd place – $500 BONUS

3rd place – $250 BONUS

Friday Bingo Cash Prizes

1st place – $1,500 CASH

2nd place-  $500 BONUS

3rd place –  $250 BONUS

How to get more stars

You can gain more stars towards the competition in a variety of different ways like referring a friend, uploading a profile picture and filling out a profile questionnaire.

The tournament is super easy to play and with such great cash prizes, why not give it a shot? Head on over to Vics Bingo today and you can be on your way to winning $5,000!

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