Vics Bingo Free Slots Quick Review

Today, if you want to play slots, you don’t have to search too much. All you have to do is to go to  and you can play slots for free. It’s that easy. However, the question is: how good are Vics Bingo free slots? Let’s take a quick look at what the site has to offer.

Vics Bingo Free Slots Pluses

No deposit, no registration, no download

Like other online bingo and casino sites, Vics Bingo comes with a number of free games that you can play. However, unlike other sites, you’re not required to register, to make a deposit – you’re not even required to download the games in your casino!

6 Free Slot Games Slot games

Vics-Bingo offers players 6 absolutely free slot games that they can play instantly. Playing is easy, and all that a player needs to do is to place a bet using the minimum amount and then let the reels spin. However these games also allow players to choose how many bets to make per line, how many lines to bet on and to choose their maximum bet for the game.

In the above list you can see the Vics Bingo free slots, the last two, namely Double Scoop Delight and 7S Ablaze are also free, but require registration.

$25 free sign up bonus on Vics Bingo

free slot games at vics bingo that require registration

If you enjoy Vics Bingo Free Slots and you want to win more than fun, then all you have to do is register. Upon registration you will get a $25 bonus that you can use as you see fit. Also, another benefit comes with registration: you can play 9 more Vics Bingo Free Slots games!


 Vics Bingo Minuses

Asides from the fact that in the Vics Bingo Free Slots game page you see 8 games that are “free” yet only 2 don’t require registration, the 6 games that you play for free are all “classic looking” and they give you that old casino feel. This is good for some players, but some might not appreciate this.

At the same time, if you decide that Vics Bingo Free Slots aren’t enough for you and you want to play for real money, then you need to know that the $25 sign up bonus can be used under the free bonus rules – so you will want to give those a try before you start playing.


Vics Bingo Free Slots are quite good, and the games themselves are perfect if you want to have a good time without having to spend a dime, and if you like the classic casinos feel in free slot games. Just like with any other online site that offers free slot games, you can expect to find the ones that display great graphics in the section reserved for registered members.

The good news is that unlike other sites, you can find Vics Bingo free slots available for registered users as well, so this means that you can enjoy great graphics without having to spend a single penny. Plus, the big advantage is that you can register, try the games for free, and if you decide you want to win real money, then make a deposit, use the free bonus and start making some money while having fun!

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