Vic’s Bingo comes with many new bingo games and promotions

Summer has finally arrived and wants to make sure that you have the summer you deserve. Through years of service and dedication to players VicsBingo has become the top destination for players who want to play bingo games on a site that has an unprecedented history of excellence. One of the most important qualities of a first class gamming site is the ability to continuously provide players with unique bingo games and rewarding tournaments. The VicsBingo team has created an assortment of new and exclusive tournaments for the month of May to make sure you can enjoy all the bingo games you love!


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Time for a Cruise!

When most of us think of summer we immediately think of a summer cruise. There is nothing more exciting or enticing than preparing for a stress free trip on the wide open beautiful blue ocean! This summer VicsBingo has the perfect way for you to combine the fun of playing bingo games with the fun of a summer cruise. The Dream Cruise Tournament, an all-new bingo tournament will give participants the chance to play in the exclusive Bingo Bulge World Championship while on an 8-day cruise in the Caribbean.  When it comes to playing bingo games coupled with the chance to win an incredible cruise it is easy to see why the Dream Cruise tournament is a must for all bingo players!


The early bird gets the worm

Summer is the season of fun and adventure; people tend to make sure that they don’t waste any of the summer daylight and pack the day full of activities! Keeping with the summer tradition of making the most out of the time available, the VicsBingo team had made sure that you will never run out of way to enjoy bingo games. To make the most of summer many of us wake up as early as possible so we don’t miss anything. The Daybreak Fun tournament was created for all of the early risers out there.  As you wake up and watch the sun rise with your morning coffee don’t miss the chance to take part in this tournament full of morning coveralls and great bingo games.


Something for everyone

Once you are good and awake the day is still just beginning! Keep playing your favorite bingo games in The Bingo Timberrr! Tournament. This special tournament offers up and great chance to win some summer cash. The prizes will have you jumping for joy because you could win CASH in the amount of $1,000, $500 or $250! Now that the action is in full swing and the bingo games are starting to heat up, jump in on the Brave Coveralls Tournament and walk away with the $1,750 grand prize.  For all of the online slots players, bingo games are not the only games in town this summer. You will find exactly what you are looking for in the following tournaments. Go underwater in the Great Reef Tournament, get lucky in the Hook on Luck Tournament, climb the mountains in the Carpathian Adventure tournament and get buzzing with the Bee My Honey Tournament.  VicsBingo has made sure that there is something for everyone this summer, whether its bingo games or online slots you are sure to have a great summer!

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