Top Bingo Games at Bingo Hall this month

Not a week goes by without us reviewing the most played and appreciated online bingo games! This week we turn our attention towards Bingohall, a great gaming platform with lots of rooms to choose from. We just clicked on “Bingo lobby” and there they were- eight bingo rooms, each one with a different interface, attractive prizes and huge jackpots!

Try out these bingo games

We’ve made this top based on some specific characteristics that we consider to be of a major importance when deciding to favor a certain room over some other rooms that basically offer similar things. This being said, what makes a room the perfect place to play bingo games is the number of players (the greater, the better), the cost of cards, the prize, and whether or not it gives the opportunity to win the jackpot. We have selected three bingo games that we consider to be the most representative for Bingohall. Read our reviews (it won’t take long) and choose the one that suits you best!

Our top three suggestions

# Fusion Room

This is for the jackpot lovers out there! When we checked it out, the jackpot reached a staggering amount. Probably because people seem to really like this room, considering how many players were online at that moment. Maybe that is how it got the name (Fusion Room), as all of them were cheerfully chatting and mingling, elevating the mood of even the most grumpiest of players.

# Nickels Room

This is the place where you can play bingo games in the safest way possible. A card costs $0.05 and you can even pre-buy them, this way being sure that you never run out of cards. We were surprised to see that even though the card price was very low, the jackpot was more than satisfying, at least to our humble opinion. Plus, its yellow interface brought the sandy beaches of Mallorca right into our living room!

# Crazy Room

Bingo games have never been more entertaining! People in this room are all so friendly with new players and the chat moderator is always funny and witty! You can also pre-buy your cards, and considering that the price is $0.10, it is actually highly recommended that you do that, because you can buy them all at once and the total due expense is quite reasonable.

These bingo games are just a few examples of the perfect mix of elements that Bingohall delivers to their users. This is how they manage to stand out from other gaming sites and we personally love that they put so much work into offering us the best promotions, the most outstanding graphics and the biggest prizes. Choose a bingo room and make the best out of your gaming experience!



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