This week’s bingo Promotions at Vic’s Bingo

As you have grown accustomed to, BestUsBingo always brings to your attention the latest bingo promotions available on the best gaming sites. We are hard-working and always look to increase both your gaming experience and the satisfaction that we derive from helping you choose the games that best fit your personality and financial aspects. This week we make no exception and we present you the best bingo promotions and online bingo tournaments at Vic’s Bingo, one of our dearest gaming sites. You just sit back, read our suggestions and take your pick!

The best bingo promotions at Vic's Bingo

Bingo promotions that last for an entire week!

If you want to win big, compete against the best bingo players and have your name written on the leaderboard, then this is the kind of competition you are looking for! Let’s see what Vic’s Bingo has prepared for us this week:

  • Red All Over Tournament

If you’re dying in anticipation of that one day of the year when prices go down and the level of satisfaction goes up, that is, Black Friday, this online bingo tournament will make your waiting more bearable. Join the bingo rooms from November 24th to November 30th and Get Red’y for Coveralls! At the end of this event you can take home some amazing cash prizes:

1st prize – $500 Bonus

2nd prize – $250 Bonus

3rd prize – $150 Bonus

  • Home for Thanksgiving Tournament

This is a special online bingo tournament, there’s nothing like it out there and that is why we have decided to include it on our list. It is special because it revolves around Thanksgiving, a holiday that brings the whole family together. But what if you are miles away from your beloved ones and in the financial impossibility of buying a plane ticket to go and visit them? Worry no more, as we have great news in one of the best bingo promotions: visit the bingo rooms at Vic’s Bingo, look for the Turkey Pattern and win 2 round-trip plane tickets, anywhere in your country to pay your family a long-awaited visit! Hurry up, though the tournament lasts for the entire month of November, you have only got one week starting today!

  • All for one

This is another awesome idea for bringing together people who love online bingo tournaments and are not afraid to show it! This promotion fights a great cause and supports the National Diabetes Awareness Month by donating all the cash to research, hoping to make a change and to raise awareness for a healthier future! Join them in the battle and get involved by entering the Fusion Room every day from 9AM to 11AM and 8PM to 11PM and prepare yourself for great prizes starting from $150 and going as high as $5000 on the first 50 calls! Do you like dancing prizes? Because you’ve got them right here, in one of the most thoughtful bingo promotions, and they are pretty generous: between $250 and $500!


A unique online bingo tournament

Speaking of Black Friday, the guys at Vic’s Bingo have come up with a great idea: if people are running from store to store, looking to find the best prices, why not make it a Black Friday Marathon? No sooner said than done! So they came up with the followings, which make this event stand out from the other bingo promotions of its kind:

  1. Deposit bonuses worth $100 or more are rewarded with 800% and 500% for the ones under $100
  2. Check this out – a $200 Amazon Voucher is handed every 10th deposit, no matter the amount!
  3. Join the 8 online bingo rooms and find the Percent Pattern, which comes with amazing starting pots!

Make sure you visit Vic’s Bingo and look at each room’s particularities!

What’s a marathon without a tournament included? On November 28th, enter the Black Diamond online bingo tournament without worrying about your VIP level, because everyone can win one of the three existing prizes: $1,000 CASH, $500 CASH or $250 CASH!

With so many chances of winning real cash, who wouldn’t be tempted to try their luck? We now we can’t resist!


Bingo rooms also come with great bingo promotions!

  • November 24th – November 26th

Three full days of fun and money in the Quarter room, where Vic’s Bingo celebrates Fall Feast just before Thanksgiving, with prizes up to $1000 per game on the first 500 calls.

You are also welcomed in the Desperate Housewives room, where you are encouraged to try your luck and win $75-$150 before leaving town to be with your families on Thanksgiving!

Go online between 5 PM and 6 PM EST for one tremendous hour of fantastic games and outstanding prizes!

  • November 25th

Free your childish spirit, but play like a pro on Universal Children’s Day, where from 6 PM to 7 PM EST $300 fixed prizes are waiting for you in the Dollar room. This is one of those bingo promotions that remind us of simpler times, when every little thing got us excited and the whole world was just our private playground!

  • November 28th – November 29th

Another room, another chance to financially prepare for Thanksgiving! You’ve got one hour to play in the Fair and Square Room, from 5 PM to 6 PM EST, and in this timeframe, you get the chance of buying your family members the best and most expensive presents by winning fixed prizes of $100!

  • November 29th – November 30th

For those of you who want to cast away all the stress accumulated throughout the week by dancing and having fun, this is the place for you! Go crazy on the dance floor for one hour each day (4 PM – 5PM EST) in the Crazy room, where you can win prizes from $40 to $80 in the speed dancing games!


You’ve got one week and one week only to take advantage of this bingo promotions

Take some time now, make some money unexpectedly, let your competitive nature interfere all of a sudden and enjoy your winnings later, on Thanksgiving or, why not, even at Christmas! The longer you wait, the later you get to enjoy all the cash! Choose an online bingo tournament or one of the many bingo promotions presented here and dive in!


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