This Week’s Best Online Slots Promo: Monkey Business

A monkey can represent a lot of things, but mainly it is a symbol of happiness. More monkeys put together, 7 of them to be precise, can make you very happy! It’s all possible in the best online slots promotion available this week, which is called The Monkey Business Tournament. Play online slots on BingoHall and you can win fabulous money prizes! All you have to do is to… play with the monkeys! Read more details about this event in the following article:

The Best Online Slots currently available

The Monkey Business Tournament

Because we want you to have the very best of everything, here’s the best online slots tournament available this week: The Monkey Business Tournament. You can access it on BingoHall from September 7th to September 13th. All you have to do is spin the reels of the 7 Monkeys online slots game. As a side note, the online slots game is new in BingoHall’s portfolio. If you play online slots in this tournament you can win substantial cash prizes. For every $1 you wager, you will receive 1 tournament point. Gaining more tournament points is in your favor, because the more points you earn, the higher are your chances at winning the biggest prize of the tournament: $2,500! Of course, the best online slots promotion has plenty of other prizes too!

The players will be rewarded according to their VIP level. Here’s what you can win if you play online slots in this promotion:

From Bingo Princess to Bingo Master

1st place: $2,500 CASH
2nd place: $1,000 CASH
3rd place: $700 CASH

From Bingo Bronze to Bingo Platinum

1st place: $500 CASH
2nd place: $500 bonus
3rd place: $350 bonus

From Bingo Rookie to Bingo Steel

1st place: $300 CASH
2nd place: $200 bonus
3rd place: $150 bonus

Other details that you should know about the best online slots promotion available this week: a minimum deposit of $100 made during the tournament timeframe is required for participation. If you decide to play online slots in BingoHall’s Monkey Business Tournament, you should also know that the winners will be announced on Monday, September 14th. The prizes will be awarded within 24 hours from the moment they are made public.

Wrapping things up

BingoHall has the best slots promotion from September 7th until September 13th! The best thing about this tournament, besides the great prizes, is the fact that you have the chance to play a brand new game, The 7 Monkeys. And we all know how much fun monkeys are! Just imagine how good the game is! Or, better yet, play online slots in the event previously presented and see for yourself! No monkey business this week, though!

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