The sunset of land based bingo

Hello there, friends! We, the Best US Bingo team, figured out that talking about land based bingo halls might interest quite a few of y’all cheeky bingo players out there. Because one thing is for sure: nobody can be too cheeky in a land based bingo hall and, face it, that’s such a pity. If you, too, like to be cheeky, you might be interested in this matter: are land based bingo halls closer to their ending? Stick around & find out the reason why their ending is so predictable!

Have fun while playing cheeky bingo

Land based bingo halls – how do they work?


Until not long ago, land based bingo halls were at their highest. Nevertheless, since online bingo appeared, many cheeky bingo players have realized that this is the sunset of land based bingo halls. First of all, let’s try to define how a land based bingo hall works. We’ve got smoking bans in some countries and conversation bans all over the world. That means nobody’s allowed to talk too loud with the others during the game and in some places, smoking is banned. That’s not so fun, because many of those who play bingo don’t play it just for the prizes, but for the social aspect too. Well, it’s a common known fact that many like to socialize and make new friends, not only to win cash. It’s quite boring to focus only on daubing the numbers, don’t you think so? No cheeky jokes, no nothing. That’s why many cheeky bingo players predict that land based bingo are on their way to disappearing. And now, let’s turn our attention to…

Online bingo halls – how do they work?


All the fun seems to be squeezed in the Web 2.0 Universe. Online bingo halls have plenty of games to choose from and plenty of entertaining bingo chat rooms. It’s a Heaven indeed for all cheeky bingo players! Let’s talk about some of online bingo halls’ benefits and see how they affect land based bingos.

No conversation banning

Yep, you’ve heard it well! There’s no banning in what concerns conversations between players! Cheeky bingo players can talk as they please and make whatever jokes cross their minds, as long as they don’t offend anybody and respect the rules of chatting.   Online bingo halls know that the community side of the game is something that has to be valued and protected, as many players come for the fun they can have when playing bingo.

Pre-buy feature

Another amazing thing about online bingo is that every cheeky bingo player can pre-buy cards for the games they’re most interested in. So even if they don’t login, those tickets will still be played and they can still win. We think this is quite an amazing feature! Just think about it, you can do whatever you please and win money at the same time! You’ve hit the bull’s eye!

Auto-daubing feature

By enabling auto-daub, a bingo player also enables having fun. He/she no longer has to be focused on the numbers that are being called, but on the fun that they can have. While the numbers are automatically daubed, the players can have the fun of their lives by chatting as they please. Cheeky or not, a player can still share his thoughts with the others, be chatty, and cheerful!

Chat room games

Set aside the bingo game itself, chat games also catch the eye of bingo players. By playing them, all cheeky bingo players can win extra bonus bucks they can use to buy even more bingo cards. More cards mean more chances of winning the prizes, or even the jackpots. Not to mention that chat games also tighten the relationships between players and bring the community even closer. And when the chatiquette is respected, be sure that the bingo community can act as a second family, one that is there for you and that can give you the support you need.

The growth of online bingo


Of course, the differences between online bingo and land based bingo have caused one to be close to dying and the other one grow. Nevertheless, this leads us to believe only one thing: people generally are more attracted to socializing than to winning money out of bingo. Money can be won both from land based and from online, but the catch is that people also like to have a good time while winning. That’s what makes online bingo so popular among cheeky bingo players. They can have the time of their lives online and they can show their people skills to everybody. They are the ones that ensure others will have an entertaining atmosphere and want to return on that online bingo every now and then.

The sunset of land based bingo


After all, things have to keep pace with technology in order to still be on a roll. Many bingo players with people skills would like to show them and they simply cannot do this in a land based bingo hall. How could one be cheeky when conversations are banned there? Just by batting their eyelashes? Not even this can be done, as half of the players will be focused on daubing the numbers and the other half will accuse the poor cheeky bingo player of harassment.

To conclude


Things have changed. Online bingo halls are on a roll, while land based bingo halls are on their way to extinction. This is a fact that nobody has deliberately chosen, but that has occurred as a normal thing. Just face it, everybody wants to evolve and keep pace with technology and changes, why wouldn’t cheeky bingo players do the same? Therefore, this seems to be the sunset of land based bingo halls. But then again, this doesn’t mean bingo players deliberately want to forget all about land based bingo, but more likely want to find the best way to enjoy bingo, have fun and win cash, all at the same time. As we said earlier, it’s difficult to be cheeky in a place where no discussion is allowed. Note: batting eyelashes don’t count as being cheeky! J

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