The most popular online bingo games at Vics Bingo

It’s always a tough task when you’re faced with so many options and you try to choose the best online bingo games, especially when the internet is filled with so many bingo versions and so many sites that promise a unique bingo experience. Instead of browsing the web in search for the best bingo rooms, we’ve narrowed it down to a single site. We’ve collected our information, we’ve tried various bingo rooms and we’ve chosen four perfect rooms for playing online bingo for money. Where can you find the rooms? On, a great gaming site that not only provides the players with a great range of online bingo games, but it also has some of the biggest bonuses: a $25 welcome bonus and 1,100% bonus on your first three deposits, to name a few.

Find the greatest online bingo games at Vics Bingo

What do online bingo games at Vics Bingo have in common

Basically, no matter what room you choose to enter, you’ll find the same rules and they all have a chat feature that’s great for making new friends, be welcomed in an online bingo community or even ask questions and swap tips with the other players. Though the power is in your hands as you can manually select cards (or click on “Quick Buy” and some sets of cards will be automatically selected), choosing a room will also help you feel comfortable with the cost of each card and satisfied with the prize and/ or jackpot. Moreover, some say that fewer people in a room lead to better chances of you winning. We don’t necessarily agree with this, as more people in a room usually mean a bigger prize!


What room to visit for online bingo games?


# Fair and Square

We’ve chosen this room because it‘s based on a different card buying method. At first, we noticed that it had the highest price per card, $2.50, and we were intrigued about the difference between this and the other rooms. After entering the room, we realized that this price is, in fact, a fair one, as $2.50 is the cost of a full set of 10 cards. So we did the math: one single card costs $0.25, which is a pretty reasonable price, if you ask us!

# Desperate Housewives

At Vics Bingo we’ve also discovered another option for playing online bingo games, Desperate Housewives. Why did we choose to include it on our list? Because we couldn’t help but notice the intense chatting and the close community they share. We felt surrounded by longtime friends. Plus the price per card is only $0.20 and they have a special promotion that makes it hard to say no to: buy 6 cards and you get 3 free!

# Quarter Room

This room is perfect for beginners; the price per card is $0.25, so you’ll feel free to buy as many cards as you need, without stepping out of your financial comfort zone. Plus, it has a clean and simple layout, perfect for those of you who enjoy a classic online bingo games experience.

# Afterhours Lounge

Our last choice for those of you who want to play online bingo games for money is Afterhours Lounge, a room that comes with a different interface, the chat is placed on the left side of the game, making it easy to join in and start chatting. Plus, you have a card selector marked with + and – signs, so you’re able to select more cards in a row, without actually clicking on each and every card.

Here you have our four suggestions for today. Now it’s your turn to visit Vics Bingo and try them! Feel free to also try the other rooms available, but hurry up if you want to find a spot, as more and more people have heard about this place. If you don’t want to stay in line, wait no more and visit today!

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