The funny bingo promotion: LOL Tournament

Hello there, friends! Today, we’re going to talk about a weekly BingoHall promotion that is guaranteed to make you Laugh Out Loud. So if you’ve decided to play bingo for money, BingoHall is the perfect place to visit this week. They’re waiting for you to celebrate laughter in the funniest event of the month: The LOL Tournament! Stick with us to find out more details about this amazing bingo event, including what Rooms you should pick and what prizes could be won.

Laugh and play bingo for money

Rules for winning

The rules are pretty simple and they are guaranteed to give you a good reason to laugh out loud. Go through this amusing adventure and collect the pattern letter “H” and “A” from all of BingoHall’s rooms. For each pair you discover, a great reward is on its way to you:

Win Pattern Letters H and A in same hour for $ 100 BONUS

Win Pattern Letters H and A in same day for $25 BONUS

Bingo Bucks always come in handy, as they can be used to win even more cash. Pretty awesome, don’t you think so? Also, if you are BingoHall’s HA-HA-HA top collector, you’ll play bingo for money and also get to win an outstanding $1000 in cash! J On the other hand, you’ve got to keep some things in mind:

  • Letter H pattern will play in Nickels, Crazy, Quarter, Fair and Square, Desperate Housewives Room;
  • Letter A pattern will play in Dollar, Fusion and Supernova Room;

Just think about it: this one happy promotion is guaranteed to bring you both Bonus Bucks and laughter! Can you think of any other combination that could be more profitable and happy than this one? If not, you should visit BingoHall! Also, make sure you pick your Rooms correctly, in order to have the chance of collecting both the “H”s and the “A”s.

For example, you could look for the “H” in Nickels Room, where the price of only $0.05 per card and the dazzling atmosphere make things just perfect. If you have found the “H”, all that remains to be done is finding the “A”. This could easily happen if you decide to play bingo for money in the Fusion Room. This is a Room that is guaranteed to make you feel as awesome as possible. So what combination of Bingo Rooms will you choose to get the “HA”, “HA”, “HA”?

No matter what choice you make, be sure that an amazing experience is guaranteed to happen to you. The thrills of this promotion, alongside the laughter, make the LOL Tournament one of the happiest promotions of this year.

Don’t forget!

A thing that you have to keep in mind is that regular bonus rules apply to this Tournament. So it’s a wrap! The LOL Tournament is the best way to play bingo for money and have fun, all at the same time. What do you say? Should BingoHall count you in?


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