The fine line between being a cheeky bingo player and a rude bingo player

As in real life, every person who uses a chat room has to respect a set of guidelines, often known as chatiquette, in order to ease the interaction with the other users. Of course, one could easily respect this chatiquette in his/her own witty and humoristic way. That person is often seen as a cheeky bingo player. But what happens when the line is crossed and people start to feel offended by your jokes? Well, that’s when cheeky turns into rude. So, are you cheeky or are you rude? Follow us through this article & get your question answered.

How to become a cheeky bingo player

What is chatiquette?

Chatiquette is a derivation from netiquette, which is a set of rules that every user has to abide by when interacting with other people in the Web 2.0 Universe.  In an online bingo room, there are some basic rules that have to be respected, such as:

Be polite – don’t forget to introduce yourself when entering a chat room, to say ‘goodbye’ when you leave the room and to respect the others’ opinions. For example, when people aren’t cheeky bingo players, but more of rude or offensive to you, use humor to diffuse potential problems.

Do not use CAPS LOCK – the abusive use of caps is often seen as offensive in many chat rooms. So try not to use it if you don’t want to be seen as a rude person. Let them give you some credit and don’t do anything that could make you look bad. Only chat monitors are allowed to use caps as to differentiate themselves from the other players.

Cheeky bingo players’ profile

This kind of player is always funny. Everybody likes him/her and everybody would like to be the same.  They don’t make flat jokes; in fact, everybody laughs at their jokes, including the chat monitors. If they were to be described in only one word, that would be “witty”. On the other hand, the line between them and…

Rude bingo players

Is so fine that you wouldn’t even notice how you’ve stopped being cheeky and turned into rude instead. Everybody has noticed the change; surprisingly enough, you haven’t. But what is to be done? Well, you could start by respecting the chatiquette we talked about above. It isn’t that complicated! Be polite and try not to say things that might offend the others. Step into the others’ shoes first and see the huge differences between cheeky bingo players and yourself. Try to understand that what you think it might be funny may be seen as flat and offensive by others. Don’t judge things only by how they look from your perspective.

All in all

Chatting is 50% about you having fun and the other 50% about the others having fun. Where’s the deal if you have fun all by yourself and the others are feeling offended? If you understand our standpoint, it’s all going to be OK. All you have to do is put into practice what we’ve advised you to do. Being a cheeky bingo player is advisable; being a rude bingo player is frowned upon.


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