The Dollar Room at Bingohall – win money playing online bingo

In our previous article, we’ve introduced you to four online bingo rooms and gave you some arguments to support our choices. Well, in this article, our focus is on one single room, a satisfying one in terms of money and winnings. We don’t usually play online bingo just for the thrill of it, we also expect and hope to increase our deposits.

If you want to play online bingo, choose the Dollar Room

The Dollar Room at Bingohall

So, without further ado, we bring to your attention The Dollar Room at Bingohall, an excellent choice for those of us who want to enjoy the best online bingo and win some money on the side (not necessarily in this order).

In the Dollar Room you can play online bingo and win big

Enter the Dollar Room and play online bingo now!

If you’re wondering where it got the name from, here it is: to enter the Dollar Room you only have to pay ONE dollar per every selected card, no more, no less. You’ll notice the multitude of cards at your disposal, so carefully analyze them and pick the ones that you think will bring you the prize or even the jackpot! You can always pre-buy your cards, so as not to waste time browsing through all of them just before the game starts and feel like you’re running out of time. Make sure you buy enough cards and remember: the more, the better, as it increases your chances of being the lucky winner. After you’ve done this, you can sit back, relax, enjoy some free time or even enter some of the other online bingo rooms, because the “auto daub” feature does all the work for you. You won’t have to lift a finger, just be sure you have enough cards to successfully get you through the game.

If you don’t want to choose them manually, you can click on “Quick Buy” and you will be automatically provided with a set of cards.

Only one dollar to play online bingo

The button that will simplify everything

Keep an eye on your balance and on the number of online bingo players and watch the prize go higher as more and more people enter the Dollar Room at Bingohall! Moreover, it so happens that sometimes there is a special promotion from which you can benefit: purchase six cards and you get another 3 cards for free! Now, that’s a great deal for all of us! Not to mention the jackpot available on a certain call, which can add a big amount of cash to your account.

Play online bingo in the cheapest room

You can be the lucky jackpot winner!

All you have to do is watch, as the system automatically checks the numbers on your cards immediately after the caller ushers them. And if you get closer to completing the pattern, you will be announced that you have 3, 2 or 1 card/cards left in order to win.

The Dollar Room, great choice if you want to play online bingo

Complete the pattern and win big!

This is our suggestion for today and we encourage you to go on Bingohall, try the Dollar Room, come back and leave us a comment about your experience. It’s fun, it has a colorful interface, a nice chat community and you get to win great money just by stopping by and buying some cards at the low price of $1.

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