The Best Prizes Won Playing Bingo Online At Bingo Hall

Welcome to the Best Us Bingo blog dear readers. We are the one stop shop for those that love playing bingo online. We’re here to keep you up to speed on the best online bingo sites, tournaments and of course, where you can find the best prizes playing bingo online.

One of our favorite sites to play bingo online is Bingo Hall. The site has a long track record in the world of being a leader in the bingo industry. With tenure of more than 12 years they’ve developed their site according to the insights of their players, which is why we recommend them to first timers and veterans alike.

Find out how playing bingo online can bring you great prizes!

If you’ve never been on the site before then we recommend checking them out. Click here to benefit from a free $25 that they give out to all first time visitors that complete their signup form.

Playing bingo online is all about having fun. It’s great to play with like-minded individuals and to take part in the chat room conversations that go on. However, it wouldn’t be fair to talk about playing bingo online without also talking about some of the amazing prizes that have been given away. Keep on reading to find out some of the best prizes ever given away while playing bingo online at Bingo Hall!

Daub the Car Tournament

Earlier this year the best bingo site Bingo Hall gave away a Nissan Versa. They held a month-long competition in which players competed with full force to win this awesome prize.

For those that don’t know Nissan Versa is a mid-sized sedan that is not only trendy but also economical. It gets a sweet 35 mpg, saving you money on gas while allowing you to drive around in a style.

Daub the Car 2

With the raging success of the first installment of Daub the Car, Bingo Hall decided to bring it around redux style. The Daub the Car 2 competition was welcomed with open arms by those playing bingo online because it gave them another shot to win. This time around the hall decided they’d give away a Ford Fiesta.

The Fiesta is a slick car that also gets an impressive mpg. Both of the car prizes are awesome on Bingo Hall’s part because they allow people playing bingo online to win not only a car, but a car that looks good and is also affordable to upkeep.

Dream Cruise Tournament

By far the best prize given away by the Bingo Hall team was in the Dream Cruise Tournament. As you’ve probably already inferred from the name of the tournament, Bingo Hall gave away an 8-day all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean! The lucky player got to not only go on the cruise but also got to participate in one of the best bingo tournaments – The Bingo Bugle World Championship, which takes place on the cruise.

These are just 3 of the best prizes given away this year playing online bingo at Bingo Hall. Make sure to check out their site, signup, and play. Who knows, maybe next time we’ll be writing about you!


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