Robbers armed with shotguns steal over $8,000 from bingo hall!

According to the UK news network The Bolton News, a bingo hall based in North West England was robbed this past week by 4 armed robbers with shotguns.

The men entered Mecca Bingo in Breightmet through the front door. The bingo hall’s security team tried to stop the men, but they gained entry with force.

The robbers infiltrated the building filled with hundreds of people, fully armed with a machete, shotgun and a hammer. According to Sgt Kevin Day, “The bingo hall was open for business at the time and was full of people enjoying the games.”

The total amount of money that was stolen amounted to £5,000, which is over $8,000 in US dollars.

Here is new footage of the robbers entering the bingo hall courtesy of The Bolton News:

Robbery in UK BingoHall


The 4 men were seen fleeing the scene in a stolen blue colored Volvo that was later found abandoned.

Police have reported that no shots were fired and that there were no injuries.

According to a spokesperson on behalf of the police department, “The only thing we can confirm is that no gunshots were fired. We cannot comment any further at this stage”.

This isn’t the first time that Mecca Bingo was targeted by armed robbers. In October of 2012 two men entered the bingo hall and demanded money from the employees. The players that were inside the hall were all told to leave and go outside.

Police ask that anyone with information about the incident call 0161 8565795 or Crimestoppers at 0800 555111.

We hope that these armed robbers are caught and that justice is served. The Mecca Bingo hall has since re-opened and is back in business.

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Editors Notes:

Incidents like this are one of the reasons that people have been driven to play in online bingo halls. It seems as if people have become more desperate and robbers are now targeting locations where they know that cash will be exchanged, like a bingo hall or casino.

The most important thing when playing bingo is to make sure you’re having fun, which can’t happen if your life is in danger.

At Best Us Bingo we recommend that players switch to online bingo rather than conventional land games for more reasons than just convenience. Safety has become a major concern in land based games because of the large amounts of cash that are stored in the buildings.

Online bingo allows players to deposit money electronically through a variety of different payment methods. This is much safer than carrying around cash. By playing in the comfort of your own home you can guarantee that you’re enjoying the great game of bingo as it’s supposed to be.

It’s very sad to hear that such a wonderful and fun game could be threatened by people wishing harm. We hope these incidents begin to decrease and that bingo can be enjoyed in its entirety without life threatening interruptions!

We’d like to thank The Bolton News for such an interesting read and credit them entirely as our source.

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