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Hello! In this article we want to tell you about one of the best games available on a top slot site: the Grave Grabbers online slots game! It’s one of the hottest games that you can play at the moment! Go to BingoHall and take a walk through the graveyard, online video slots style! In case you’re too scared to play with the creepy characters, you can always enjoy some free casino slots on Vics bingo!

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Grave Grabbers online slots game

If you’re looking for a thrill, Grave Grabbers is the perfect online slots game to play! Available on a top slot site, this 5 reel, 20 payline game brings players into the heart of video slots excitement, as they can directly access the cast of characters: monsters that look like children dressed up for Halloween! The Grave Grabbers game has a parade of weirdness: a mini Reaper, a green Ghost, a Bat, the Frankenstein and, of course, Reapers!

The top slot site that hosts this game, BingoHall, offers up to 1000 coins for five green Ghosts! It seems that seeing ghosts is a profitable activity! Still, the true star of the game is the skeleton, which comes in an array of costumes and pays from 5 to 200 coins. When playing Grave Grabbers, it’s important to know that the payline bets start at $0.01 and goes all the way up to $5 per payline. The Haunted House Wild symbol on a paid line can mean winning a nearly 5000 coin jackpot! When you line up 3 or more Gravestone Symbols (an old man with a shovel) on a paid line, you’ll get 12 free spins and enter the Gold Bonus Game. When you end up with more Gravestones, you can get up to a 10X multiplier!

The success of the Grave Grabbers online slots game is undeniable! This what members of the top slot site BingoHall say about it: “this one plays with your mind” (5 stars), by mebard; “This game is fun to play. Bonus game hits pretty often“, says Disavowed, who has also awarded 5 stars to the game; “the payouts are good and the bonus game is unique u gig graves find key unlock krypt and the last one u jump on stones was fun won $$”, says twinny269.

Enjoy playing Grave Grabbers on BingoHall!

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Wrapping things up

There you have it! The adventurers can enjoy a game suited for their wishes on BingoHall, a top slot site. Grave Grabbers is awaiting for new players to spook! On the other hand, the ones that like the free casino slots can find lots of games on Vics bingo! Have a fun week!

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