Play Online Bingo – The Basics

Hello, friends! The team at Best Us Bingo would like to take it back to basics in this article and talk about how is bingo played. Some of you may know all about the game, but some are still in the learning process. In either case, it’s good to have a recap or to simply understand the mechanism. Let’s begin!

Best Us Bingo teaches you how bingo is played

How is Bingo played?

Bingo is one of the most popular game all around the world and many people consider it more than a hobby. To maximize your chances at winning and having an awesome time while playing, you must know the basic rules of it. Let’s start with the basics:

The Card

The most important thing in learning how is bingo played is the card. The card has 25 boxes that contain random numbers, all placed in a 5×5 symmetrical pattern. On the top side you can find the word B.I.N.G.O. spelled, and each letter is assigned to one of the five boxes listed below. At the middle of the card you have what is called a “free space”. The price of the card is not fixed, this means that if you pay more money for it, your chances at winning are higher.

Bingo Balls

The game uses the balls to select numbers that are found on the card. When you play bingo online, the number is generated randomly. In a standard bingo hall, the operation is done by a person that calls out the numbers.

The Daub

This is an action that takes place when you mark a number on your card ‘cause it’s on the ball selected. In the online game of bingo, you have the auto-daub option, which means that the number is marked automatically when it’s called.

The Pattern

Every bingo game has its own pattern that has to be completed in order for you to win. The pattern changes depending on where you play. Online bingo games have different winning patterns, like stars, diamonds, hearts etc., so you must be more attentive while playing. We found that these guys at South Beach Bingo have some really interesting patterns.

And now some general guidelines about how is bingo played

When playing the bingo game, make sure you understand the type of the play, know what the winning pattern is and always follow the rules. Your chances at winning increase if you play with more cards, and we strongly suggest you do that. Don’t forget to socialize with your fellow gamers, because that’s part of the bingo charm also.

Detailed articles of how is bingo played can be found on actual bingo websites, such as this one. There you can read some helpful tips and tricks and actually applying them on the games they offer.

The bingo game is to be played first of all for fun and second of all for winning money. If you forget any of the basic rules of the game, you can always come back to this article and freshen up your memory. Best of luck to everybody!

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