Play Online Bingo In The Epic Bingo Tournament And Win $5,000!

Are you looking for a site to play bingo online and take home a cash prize worthy of a true bingo champion? Well look no further. One of the top online bingo sites, South Beach Bingo, is hosting a brand new bingo tournament this week – The Epic Bingo Tournament. Keep on reading to find out how you can win up to $5,000 in cash!

Play in the Epic Bingo Tournament at South Beach Bingo and win $5,000!

The summer may be over but things are still heating up over at South Beach Bingo. A respected leader in the online bingo community, South Beach Bingo is known to host some of the best bingo tournaments. They have a very popular Team Bingo Smackdown Tournament in which teams of 4 compete for a $3,000 cash prize once a week. On top of their recurring weekly promotion, they also have varying weekly online bingo and online slots tournaments, like this week’s Epic Bingo Tournament.

One thing is for sure, their plethora of competitions give players plenty of chances to take home cash and great prizes, so don’t miss out!

Those of you that are visiting the site for the first time are in luck. You’ll receive a $25 free sign up bonus just for completing their registration form! Don’t forget to make generous deposits because on the first 3 deposits you make you’ll receive a total of 1,100% in total bonus. For more details make sure to check out their bonus rules.

Details of the Epic Bingo Tournament

Are you ready to take a shot at the $5,000 cash prize? If you are then make sure to head on over to South Beach Bingo and play in their popular Dollar Room from now up until the 5th of October. This Sunday marks the end of the online bingo tournament, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

The tournament will be hosted each day between the hours of 6pm and 7pm Eastern Standard Time. It’s only between this time slot that the tournament will occur, so be sure to set an alarm and mark it in your calendars.

Each bingo card during the tournament has a cost of $2.00. per card. The folks over at South Beach Bingo have put together an online bingo bundle special (say that 5x fast). If you buy bundles of 6 or more cards you’ll then receive 2 free bingo cards. Not a bad deal if you ask us.

If you don’t have time to compete in the tournament, don’t worry, South Beach Bingo has you covered. They have a really handy “pre-buy” button that we highly suggest you take advantage of. It allows you to play in an online bingo tournament by pre-buying cards before it begins. The automated daubing system will then mark off your cards as the bingo balls are randomly generated and when you win the money will be deposited automatically into your account.

How great of a feeling is that? You can take care of your daily errands and tasks and come home to login to your online bingo account only to see that you’ve won $5,000! Pretty good surprise if you ask us.

Don’t wait a second longer. Head on over to South Beach Bingo today, register and get playing in the Dollar Room’s special tournament!

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