Play online bingo as a winter warmup!

In the most wonderful time of the year, Bingo Hall comes with a promotion that will surely cheer you up. If you participate in the 24-Day X-mas Giveaway from Bingo Hall, you will be as jolly as one can be. You will have the chance of playing online bingo as a winter warmup and you can also win loads of prizes besides the money jackpots, all these thanks to the advent calendar Bingo Hall offers you. Follow us through this article and you will find out how you can be given the chance of enjoying an advent calendar once again.

Play online bingo at Bingo Hall and enjoy the advent calendar

The best winter warmup for frosty days

Playing bingo online in the comfort of your home may be the most pleasant winter warmup you could think of. And if you play online bingo for money, you’ll have the best opportunities of winning cash for all the Christmas gifts you want. This being said, if you want to feel the thrills of an advent calendar as you once did when you were a kid, Bingo Hall is the place to visit! The new monthly promotion is like an advent calendar; every day until the 24th of December, you can click on the cap afferent to the date you’re in and you’ll have the possibility of winning bonus money or other extraordinary prizes, such as:

  • 10 x Amazon gift card of $200 value
  • 1 x iPhone 6
  • 1 x Samsung 50” HDTV
  • 1 x Samsung Chromebook
  • 1 x Toshiba 32” TV
  • 1 x iPad
  • 1 x Kindle Fire 8.9”

We are confident these will warm you up! On the other hand, note that you can only open the cap afferent to the date you’re in. You can’t open yesterday’s cap or tomorrow’s cap. Just like in a real advent calendar. Also, there’s only one prize per day. If somebody opened a cap and won a prize, then no other prize would be won that day. So hurry up and play online bingo at Bingo Hall if you want to win their amazing prizes.

Play online bingo for money and have the merriest Christmas!

Sitting in front of your computer, playing online bingo and enjoying the game may be your perfect winter activity. Not to mention that if you win the prizes from Bingo Hall’s 24-Day X-mas Giveaway monthly promotion, you will have the merriest holidays. So, hurry up and visit Bingo Hall, as many amazing prizes are waiting to be won. All you have to do is play bingo there and enjoy your time!



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