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Hello! It’s good to have you back on Best Us Bingo! Today we want to talk a popular subject: how is bingo played? More specific, how is this game played on the best online bingo websites. Continue reading if you’re also interested in what we have to say about the best websites where you can play bingo for money.

Play the best online slots promotions and online bingo tournaments recommended by Best Us Bingo


Without any hesitation, we say that BingoHall is one of the best online bingo websites. This site always offers great promotions and tournaments, so maybe it’s a good idea to add it to your favorites list. Plus, you can always learn how is bingo played from the experts. The website has a blog where you can find articles about the game in general. So, if you want to learn how is bingo played, that’s the right place! Here’s a quick example of what this website has to offer: The Lucky Cinco event. It’s a great opportunity to play bingo for money!

Lucky Cinco

The event is available every day from 6PM to 8PM and it’s important to mention that all players will receive 5 unlimited BBs if they play 5 cards. If you play more cards, your chances of winning the $50,505 CASH prize grow! The event can be accessed between May 4th and May 10th

The type of games and prizes you can expect:

Coverall game with $5,050 prize on first 50 calls

Dancing games with prizes up to $5,050

Number 5 pattern with initial pots of $50,505 and guaranteed $505

5-part game with prizes of over $1,500

Reverse coverall game with BUY 5 GET 5 FREE and prizes adding $25 on every call

Games with $5,050 on every 5th call and $505 guaranteed



South Beach Bingo

This is another great website where you can play bingo for money, or learn how is bingo played. It’s a great place for the ones who are just beginning to play online games. It’s also a good gaming platform for those who have experience at playing online. Let’s take an example, shall we? This month, the star of the South Beach Bingo website is the Bahama Mama Tournament. The big prize consists of a 7-day All Inclusive vacation to the Bahamas! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?! Here are some details on this tournament:

Bahama Mama Tournament

Play in this tournament from May 1st to May 31st and you can win a trip to the Bahamas!

How To Win

  1. Look out for the Palm Tree pattern in the online bingo rooms to collect cash and points.

Supernova Room –  15 points

Afterhours Lounge –  10 points

Dollar room – 9 points

Taboo room – 7 points

Fair and Square room – 6 points

Desperate Housewives room – 5 points

Quarter room –4 points

Crazy room – 3 points

Nickels room – 2 points

  1. Collect as many points as possible until May 30th 11:59 PM EST so that you can rank in the top 50 online bingo players that compete in the FINAL.
  2. Play in the Fair and Square room on May 31st from 5PM to 12AM EST for the FINAL. The player that wins the most online bingo games within the timeframe wins the vacation!


Of course there are many more great websites out there, but we will revise them in another article. We hope that these two sites will help you learn how is bingo played by the professionals! Also, when you’ll win tons of money from the online bingo game, don’t forget to think of us! Good luck!

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