Online Bingo April Fool’s Day Pranks

Hello everybody! The team at Best Us Bingo is happy that you chose to spend the 1st of April here! We don’t want you to be pranked today, that’s why we will teach you how to prank your friends! Continue reading this article and you can find out what are our free bingo no deposit recommendations for this week. Also, we will instruct you how to pull the best pranks for April Fool’s Day!

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Frozen home screen prank

To pull the frozen home screen prank on a friends, you need to have access to his phone! To make things easier, invite a friend over to your place. Use the pretext that you found the best free bingo no deposit website and you must show it to him or her! To make everything more credible, access Vics bingo and start playing bingo. Once you have access to the friend’s smartphone, take a screenshot of the home screen. Create a new page and move there all of the apps that are found of the home screen. The next step is to go in the Settings menu and set up the screenshot as a Wallpaper. This way, when your friend will tap on the apps on the home screen, nothing will happen. Enjoy!

The soap prank

We find this prank to be hilarious! It’s very easy to put it into practice everywhere. All you need is a bar of soap and a clear nail polish. To pull this prank, paint the bar of soap with clear nail polish so it will no longer lather. This prank is “dirty”!

The mouse prank

Invite yourself over to a friend’s house. Choose someone who loves to play bingo, just like you, and use the excuse that you want to show him or her the best free bingo no deposit website! Before you start the prank, access Bingo Hall, which is a great online bingo site by the way! Play bingo and when your friend leaves the room, put the plan into action! To do the mouse prank, block the sensor of the mouse with a piece of paper and some tape. Yes, it’s that easy! When your friend returns and wants to resume its free bingo no deposit game, surprise, the mouse no longer works. He was pranked!

It’s all fun and games

April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity to have fun with your friends and create long life fun memories together! You can put in practice one of the pranks that Best Us Bingo shared with you or, why not, all of them! You will have a great laugh if you pull one of those pranks! The suggestions we made for the free bingo no deposit websites: Bingo Hall and Vics bingo are as serious as they can be! These are the best proposals we have for you this week. Let us know how you spent April Fool’s Day and what was the best prank you witnessed.

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