My Favorite Online Bingo Promotions Have Been At Bingo Hall

BINGO! That five letter word is like magic to my ears. It resonates with me and brings me back to my childhood. Before I played online bingo I used to play bingo at my elementary school. The math teacher at my school would let us play bingo during the last 10 minutes of class. However, instead of playing for money, we got to play for candy!

Play online bingo at Bingo Hall.

As I got older, and candy became a less satisfying prize, I decided to start playing online bingo, because I wanted to win some real money. At first I started out on some free sites like, just to see what playing online is all about. It didn’t take long before I realized that I was ready to actually play for money. Don’t get me wrong, Internet Bingo is a great site, and you can actually win real prizes at the end of each month. However, I was ready to play for real money, so I headed on over to one of the most popular online gaming sites around.

After a quick Google search, I found the online bingo site Bingo Hall. I was pretty excited to play there because of their great reviews, and because they allowed first timers to play without making a deposit. The best part of it all was that I was also given a free $25 bonus just for signing up, which was enough money to allow me to try out all the games on their site.

Not long after I became an online bingo member, I started to play in some really incredible promotions. I was in awe at the magnitude of the prizes that were given away online. It wasn’t like playing at a physical bingo hall where the average prize would be somewhere around $50 a game. The games I was playing in at Bingo Hall were giving away cars, all-expense paid vacations, and huge sums of cash. I felt like I was finally a high-roller and that all these years of playing bingo were really paying off. Literally!

Some of the best online bingo promotions that I ever played in have been at Bingo Hall. They’ve been around for over 12 years, and with good reason. They welcome new members with open arms, and encourage players to socialize. In fact, they completely re-vamped their entire website, and now it’s a mixture between an online bingo site, and a social networking page. You can communicate freely with the other members through messages, share tips and tricks, and even post statuses letting everybody know how you feel.

They currently have a really great online bingo tournaments going on. You should head on over and try playing in their 3D Halloween Tournament.  You can win a 50 inch 3D HD TV from LG (say that 10x fast). Keep a lookout for the Skeleton pattern in any of their rooms, because for each pattern you find, you’ll get points in your name towards the tournament. The player with the most points at the end of the promotion will take home the prize.

I hope that you too can find as much joy in online bingo as I have. Make sure to check out Bingo Hall, I’m sure glad I did.


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