Learn the lingo of online bingo!

Are you tired of attending the same land based bingo game in which you see all the same familiar faces night after night, week after week? If you’re looking for a refreshing new change then why not try out online bingo?

Online bingo started getting popular in the early 2000’s when the internet boom occurred. Today it’s one of the most popular online games available.


Players love playing online bingo for a variety of reasons. The game is much more convenient than the local land based games. Rather than playing at a specific time in a specific place you now have the availability to play bingo 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection and you’re golden.

Before starting to play online bingo there are a few things you need to keep in mind, one of which is chat-room lingo. In bingo there are text abbreviations and shortcuts that allow players to communicate in the different chat rooms. You can think of it like the language of online bingo and it’s pretty universal across all sites.

Bingo Hall is one of our favorite sites to play online bingo and they have a variety of different rooms that you can play in. The rooms are differentiated by the price of the bingo card that you buy. The higher the price of the card, the higher your prize winnings are.

The thing that’s special about Bingo Hall is that they offer chat room bingo games. These games are started sporadically by the CM or Chat Moderators that monitor the conversations.

In order to get in on the games it’s essential to learn the lingo of online bingo. Below you’ll find a chart that highlights the main abbreviations used playing online bingo. Make sure you study up so that when it comes time to start playing bingo, you’re ready to win the big bucks!

(((( player’s name))))) – Hugs OFL – On the floor laughing
AFK – Away from keyboard SAC – Sorry all close
BBL – Be back later TC – Take care
BRB – Be right back WB – Welcome back
BTU – Back to you WTG – Way to go
BTW – By the way YW – You’re welcome
FYI – For your information ROFL – Rolling On the floor laughing
GL – Good luck CG – Chat Game
GL2U – Good luck to you CM – Chat Monitor
GLANG – Good luck all next game HAGD – Have a Great Day
GNA – Goodnight all YSVW – You are So Very Welcome
GR8 – Great LMAO – Laughing my ass out
HB – Hurry back LMBO – Laughing my butt out
JK – Just kidding SD –Sweet Dreams
LOL – Laughing out loud OMG – Oh my god
BBS- Bingo Buck’s SDAOYP – Sweet Dreams Angels On Your Pillow
1tg, 2tg, 3tg etc.- one/two/three numbers to go (until the bingo winner is called)
Booted- They get kicked out of chat; this could be a chat reset, computer problems or site issue

Study up on your online bingo vocabulary and start winning some real bingo cash by playing at Bingo Hall.

If you’re new to the site then you’re in for a special treat! You’ll get $25 free bonus for signing up and then 1,100% total bonus on your first 3 deposits!

Good luck and remember to always play responsibly.

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