Is Tombola Bingo better than BingoHall?

Many sites offer amazing online bingo games to their potential players. But how can a bingo player choose from the multitude of sites that are scattered all over the Internet? Well, these players should pick the site they feel the most comfortable with. Today, we, the Best US Bingo team, picked two famous sites. So, which is the best: Tombola Bingo or BingoHall? Follow us and see which of them we advise you to pick.

Is Tombola Bingo better?

What will we take into account when comparing these two?

The financial aspect is very important when talking about bingo sites. The social aspect shouldn’t be neglected either. So, when comparing Tombola bingo and BingoHall, we’ll be talking about bonuses, prizes, alongside the variety of games offered and their community of bingo players. Let’s get started!


Whereas BingoHall offers a bonus consisting of 25$, but requires no deposit at all, Tombola Bingo offers 20 pounds free for a 10 pounds deposit. From a beginner’s point of view, it is advisable to choose BingoHall, as you can basically play for free, using the welcome bonus. Of course, this happens until you get a firm grasp of how things work on a site of this type. After that, you can make as many deposits as you wish. BingoHall grants you with an 1100% bonus on the first three deposits.

The financial aspect VS The social aspect

Both BingoHall and Tombola offer a wide variety of games from which to choose. Both of them have numerous bingo games and bingo rooms available. Also, they have similar jackpots. On the other hand, when talking about the bingo community, BingoHall has a more tight community than Tombola Bingo’s. Also, BingoHall offers more types of rooms to their players, including an inhibitions-free Taboo Room. Pretty daring, isn’t it? This is an important thing which proves the fact that BingoHall cares about its players and wants them to have the time of their lives. For the Bingo Hall player, the game is seen as both a social activity and one he can win money from.

We made our choice

If you want a complete online bingo experience, go to BingoHall! They offer you both money and friends. The bingo rooms are created especially for every type of player, from the shy newbie (The Quarter Room) to the experienced, witty player (The Fusion Room and Taboo Room). You might as well try Tombola Bingo, but we are sure you’ll end up looking for BingoHall, as you should’ve done in the first place.

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