How to win real money online instantly playing bingo and online slots

If you want to win real money online instantly then the only way is to find a reputable bingo or casino site, and to start tempting luck. This is by far the fastest way to win money fast, but at the same time, it does require a bit of investment. And this is a type of investment that might not be returned if you don’t know how to play the right way. So, how can you make sure that you will increase your chances of winning while playing online bingo or online slots? Let’s take a look at some things that you need to know before venturing further:

How to win real money online instantly playing bingo

The first thing that you want to know if that, at the end of the day, bingo is a game of chance, so, there is no foolproof way of guaranteeing that you’ll win X amount of money with Y investment. However, following the below strategies you’ll be able to improve the odds in your favor.

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Strategy #1 Play as many cards as you can

If you want to win real money online instantly when you play bingo, then you can greatly increase your chances by buying as many cards as you can. Keep in mind that there’s one trick here: as you can means that you must buy as many cards as you can keep up with. If, theoretically you can afford buying 100 cards but you’re unable to check them all in due time (or if the online bingo game that you play doesn’t do this automatically for you) then all that you’ll be doing will be to diminish your chances of winning.

Strategy #2 Count Numbers

If you want to win real money online instantly and you want to do this with online games, then you need to learn how to count numbers. The good news is that if you know how to count cards in a game like Blackjack, then you can immediately apply the same skills to online bingo. So, how is it done?

You need to know a little bit of mathematical probability. You will be counting bingo balls, not cards. So, what’s the catch?

Bingo is played with 75 balls. Since the likelihood of any number coming up is 1 in 75 is completely random, the only thing that can make it less random is what is called uniform distribution. What does this mean? Long story short, it means that staying in the game long enough means that your winning bingo numbers will eventually come up. So, if you want to win, you don’t need to blow all the money on a lot of cards for a single play.  In conclusion, according to this strategy you need to buy fewer cards and play for longer.

Strategy #3 Tippett Theory

According to Tippett’s theory, the more bingo numbers that are called the more likely the numbers called are going to be the median number meaning 38. So, if you play a short game select your cards choosing the numbers closer to 1 and to 75. But, if you play a long game then you need to choose the numbers that are closer to 38.

Of course, the question is “How can I know if a bingo game is going to be long or short”? The answer is simple: take a look at the pattern: if it’s a S, U or Four Corners then the game is going to take a lot longer than a simple pattern like a single diagonal line.

In conclusion, if you want to win real money online instantly playing bingo, then you need to test the waters and see what works and what doesn’t. It’s recommended that you start playing free online bingo to get the hang of the game, and see what works best for you. Then, you can switch to playing for real money.

Most online bingo sites like BingoHall and VicsBingo let you play for free for as much as you want and then you can play for real money. There are also other online bingo sites that let you play for free all the time, without the need for any deposit.

Now, let’s see how you can win real money online instantly playing online slots.


How to win real money online instantly playing online slots

When it comes to slots, you must know that these are the games that promise the biggest rewards – especially the progressive online slots. There is a 5 point list that you need to cover:

1. Choosing the right site
2. Having a good online payment account
3.  Playing high variance slots at high stakes
4.Using the right bonuses
5. Playing to win

Let’s go through all these points fast to help you win real money online instantly:

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Choosing the right site

Go for a site that pays out the winnings in less than 24 hours to ewallets. There are a number of reputable sites that do this. Thing is like this: you can win real money online instantly, but if you can’t withdraw it fast, then what’s the point?

Having a good online payment account

Credit or debit cards take quite a while to transfer the money into your account. Usually 4 days. This means slow withdrawal times. Go for MoneyBookers, Neteller, PayPal.

Playing high variance slots at high stakes

If you want to win real money instantly playing slots, then you can’t waste any time.  Go for stakes of at least 0.9 per spin.  For example, if you deposited $100, then don’t play at less than $1.80 per spin. Play high variance and high stakes so you’ll win big and cash out fast – you want, after all to win real money online instantly, don’t you?

Use the right bonuses

There are a number of bonuses that casino and online bingo sites offer to their players. You want to take advantage of them. Keep in mind that these bonuses come with play through requirements. However, when you play for high stakes they’re easy to make.

Play to win

You want to win real money online instantly, so, in this case, you need to keep in mind your goal: to make money. Sure, bingo and slots can be a lot of fun, but if you want to make money you need to have a target and cash out when you hit that target. For example, make your goal to cash out $1,000 for every $100 you deposited. When you hit your $1,000 target, cash out.

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