How to play in an online bingo tournament

Just like practice makes us better, having the chance to win some extra money in an online bingo tournament makes us all better players! You may have thought about joining a bingo tournament many times before, but you’ve never actually got to do it. Either you got discouraged by looking at other players’ scores and realized that you can never do better than those guys, or the timing just wasn’t right for you. And there’s always the possibility of not considering the prize appealing enough to worth all the trouble. However, you shouldn’t avoid tournaments as they’re great ways to win some money and have tons of fun. Here’s what you need to know about them in order to make your experience fulfilling for both your hearts and your pockets.

How to join an online bingo tournament

What is an online bingo tournament?

The word “tournament” itself implies a specific timeframe in which you can play online bingo, enter the tournament and eventually win the prize.

  • Some online bingo tournaments start and end according to a schedule: they can run over an entire month, a week, a day or just a few hours.
  • Some can be themed (for celebrating Housewives Day, Halloween etc).

For instance, has a special tournament for Men Make Dinner Day in the Fair and Square room, where ladies can enjoy two hours of bingo games with fixed prizes of $70!

  •  Others can have the purpose of raising awareness about a certain problem (like quit smoking).
  •  The majority of them are simple contests that take place in a specific bingo room at a certain hour.

Fusion Fridays at falls into this category, as entering the Dollar Room from 7 PM to 11 PM every Friday can bring you progressive jackpots and even $500 fixed prize games!

You may find online bingo tournaments quite familiar if you’re a constant bingo player, as the principle is the same: play games. The difference lies in the fact that being a competition, you are asked to play the games in a row and not one single time. That’s how the site can make the difference and award different prizes according to the score from the leaderboard. Interestingly enough, the prizes vary in both size and shape: from cash to bonuses, plane tickets and even electronic equipment!


What you have to do before joining a tournament

  • The common requirement of all online bingo tournaments is register the site.
  •  In some cases, you may be asked to pay an entry fee or to be part of the VIP club.
  • The most common rule is that in order to be eligible for certain bingo promotions, you have to make a deposit at least few days prior to winning each game.
  •  Last but not least, make sure you have no pending or approved payout. It would be a shame not to be able to join the tournament just because you haven’t read the rules or haven’t paid enough attention.

It is advisable to pre-buy your cards so as not to feel like you’re running out of time just before the contest starts. If you manage to take part in all the games in a tournament and win the greatest number of points, you’ll be the lucky winner! Nevertheless, always read the terms and conditions and make sure you understand them so as not to be faced with the unpleasant situation of being disqualified.

Here you have some basic rules about online bingo tournaments. Now it’s your turn to decide what suits you best, what bingo promotions to take part in and what tournaments to join. If you feel like trying something new and win some money while doing what you like, enter an online bingo tournament!


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