How to ensure you maximize your online bingo experience

Picture this:

You decide to take a vacation to the Caribbean to get some well-deserved R&R and also have some fun. When you get to the island you do all the touristy stuff, like visiting the local shops, heading to the beach and eating at the restaurants around your resort. Eventually you get back home from the vacation and your friends ask you, “how was it, what did you do?” You respond, telling them the same old story that they’ve heard a million times before from there other friends returning from vacation.


Here’s a different situation:

You decide to take a vacation to the Caribbean to get some well-deserved R&R and also have some fun. You get to the island and visit a tourist shop where you meet a tanned guy in his 20’s named Roberto. He asks you where you’re from, how long you’re staying and what plans you have on the island. He’s a really nice guy.

Once he realizes you have no plans and really have no idea what you’re doing, he decides to show you around himself. He’s a local and knows all the best spots. He takes you to a private beach where you eat fish caught fresh from the ocean. You visit a cool cocktail lounge where you hear some of the best jazz and eventually make your way to a beach party where you dance until the sun comes up.

You eventually go back to reality and arrive home. Your friends can’t believe the story you’ve just told them. They’re jealous of the amount of fun that you’ve had, all thanks to Roberto. You yourself also feel much cooler.

Now we don’t want to brag, but you can think of Best Us Bingo as Roberto, and the game of online bingo as the island in the Caribbean. We’re here to show you around so that you can fully maximize your experience!

When starting out playing online bingo the first thing you need to do is find the right site. We suggest you go and play at Vics Bingo or Bingo Hall. Both sites give you a FREE $25 bingo bonus just for signing up as well as 1,100% in bonus for your first 3 deposits.

The next thing you want to do before you play online bingo is to learn a little bit about the game and familiarize yourself with the best practices. Gain all the knowledge you can so that when you start to play you can increase your chances of winning. Knowledge is power and by knowing the different tips and tricks that help you out, you can start to win more money.

It’s time for us to go now dear readers. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our quick online bingo tour. Make sure to tell your friends about all the fun you’ve had playing online bingo because of our help.

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Remember to always play responsibly!


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