How can you win at online keno?

The game of online keno has become a fan favorite for many gamers over the past few years. The games gain in popularity is largely due to the large influx of new users to the internet. Prior to being brought to the forefront of the online world, keno was primarily played indoors, or at keno halls. Online keno has many features and similarities to the ever popular online bingo, but with a few added twists. A lot of players come on here asking us for tips and tricks on how to win in an online keno game and we’ve decided that it’s about time that we let you guys in on the secrets. Read this article and find out how you can win, and then take what you’ve learned and win yourself some money. Let’s get started!

First and foremost, let’s make sure we all have a clear understanding on the rules of the game.

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Online keno just like bingo is played using randomly generated balls that each with a number. In keno the numbers range from 1 – 80.

Unlike bingo, in keno you don’t play with a card featuring random numbers that you have to match. The object of keno is to pick a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 numbers that you want to play with. After you’ve picked what numbers you want, then the game begins. 15 balls are drawn at random. If you match any of the numbers that you’ve picked, with what was randomly drawn, then you win!

As you can see online keno is actually quite simple and easy to play. So, how do you win?

The object of online keno is to match the numbers you’ve picked with the numbers that are being drawn. As we stated earlier there are a maximum of 15 numbers that get drawn each round in keno. That is why you have a maximum of 15 numbers that you can choose to bet with. Every number that you pick increases your bet. So if you decide to play with a bet of $.05 and you max out by picking 15 numbers, then your total bet is $.75. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that by scoring 1 or 2 numbers that you’ve won. With a bet of 15 you’ll have to hit more numbers to really cash in.

The secret to winning in online keno is to know what your lucky numbers are, and limit the amount of numbers you bet with. If you bet with only 1 number, you’re payout will be higher, but your chances of winning are 1/80. If you ask us, that’s not that good of odds.

Instead the best way to play online keno is to pick as many numbers as you can possibly afford. By doing that you play numbers all across the board and your chances of scoring and landing those numbers is increased.

Let us know if this article was helpful. If you have comments/questions feel free to drop us a line below. Take care, and remember to play responsibly.

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