Don’t be a cheeky bingo player: what not to do when playing online bingo

Many may think that bingo chat rooms can be used to prove their people skills and talk as they please with the other players. But did anybody notice how thin the line between being a rude cheeky bingo player and a likable one is? If you don’t want to be in danger of being seen as a rude cheeky person, you should read the following lines and stick to the tips we will give you. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the article!

Are you a polite or an impolite cheeky bingo player?

Two types of cheeky bingo players: which one suits you?

A “Cheeky” person is one who’s extrovert, always joyful and always there to say what others simply wouldn’t dare to. But just face it! Being both cheeky and likable means having a personal charm and knowing (deep down inside) that you must respect a chatiquette. By chatiquette, we understand a set of rules that chat users should respect in order to have a polite and civilized conversation, with no people feeling offended. So, there you go! There are two types of cheeky bingo players, as follows:

Cheeky, but also polite = Likable cheeky person

A likable cheeky person is joyful and witty. A major plus for this person is that he/she knows when to stop and when his/her jokes could result in other people feeling awkward. He/she would always like to be seen as a bold & funny, yet respectful person. Never ever in the life of a likable cheeky person has she/he offended somebody, but more likely made people laugh and feel entertained.

Cheeky, but impolite = Rude cheeky person

You know them very well. They cross the line so often that you wonder how on Earth they aren’t ashamed of what they say. They stop being witty and turn into awkward instead. Everybody tries to avoid them and their offensive jokes. Nobody would like to be a rude cheeky bingo player, as this would probably mean that even in real life, that person makes people feel offended.


So, after reading these two brief descriptions of the two cheeky players, which one do you think it suits you? We do hope we have around as many likable cheeky people as possible. But, let us tell you a secret: if you yourself have admitted that you’re from the rude category, this is a huge step forward towards your “salvation”. All you have to do from now on is to step in your “victim’s” shoes before actually starting to make “funny” jokes. You’re not the bee’s knees when you do that, just so you know. All in all, be sure you learn how thin the line between cheeky and rude is, y’all cheeky bingo players out there!












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