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We, the Best US Bingo team, know that 2014 is already history. Nevertheless, 2015 is a present every person should use wisely. For this to be possible, one has to stick to his 2015 resolutions. When playing online bingo, every accomplished resolution means winning some cash. And who wouldn’t want to start the year with their pockets full of cash? BingoHall knows that, and they have prepared for you a $2015 Resolutions month-long promotion. But what are the rules and the prizes of this promotion? Stick with us and find out! One thing is for sure, though: you have to visit BingoHall, as your best year starts there!

Playing online bingo is fun

How to make your online bingo $2015 Resolutions come true


In order for you to win, you have to respect some rules. They are pretty clear and simple: you can choose from any of the available BingoHall rooms and you have to keep your eyes open for the Fireworks pattern. This is the only one that can bring you the amazing prizes in the promotion. After you have found this pattern, keep playing! Once every 15 calls, you might get lucky. That means calls 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 can bring you the following prizes:

Supernova Room$2015 or $315 guaranteed

Fusion Room$2015 or $215 guaranteed

Dollar Room$2015 or $115 guaranteed

Afterhours Lounge$2015 or $115 guaranteed

Quarter Room$2015 or $25 guaranteed

Fair and Square Room$2015 or $25 guaranteed

Desperate Housewives Room$2015 or $25 guaranteed

Crazy Room$2015 or $15 guaranteed

Nickels Room$2015 or $15 guaranteed

Pretty fun, isn’t it? Playing online bingo and winning seem to be the best resolutions of 2015! So pick your Room and do it wisely! For instance, if you pick Fusion Room, apart from having the opportunity of winning this Room’s staggering prize of almost $5,000, you might win the $2015 prize or the $215 guaranteed too. This Room is among the most entertaining ones; you probably wouldn’t want to miss playing some good ole online bingo in it! Furthermore, if you like to have fun instead of chasing the prizes, you can try BingoHall’s Nickels Room. With the price of only $0.05 per card, this is the Room to play bingo in if you’re on a tight budget! Still, you can win the $2015 prize or the $15 guaranteed, a nice thing for y’all bingo players that read this article! J So are you ready to play some bingo and have some fun?


We’re sure you’ve already made your 2015 Resolutions. Also, we’re positive that playing bingo online and winning loads of cash are among these resolutions. So, if you decide to play online bingo at BingoHall, the $2015 Resolutions will be waiting for you! By doing this, BingoHall will help you accomplish some (if not all) of your other resolutions for this year. Because, as you might know, everything is possible with some $2015 extra bucks in your pockets. May Lady Luck be by your side!


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