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One of the best aspects of playing online bingo is entering a chat and talking with other players. However if you are new to chat bingo, the lingo used in these rooms can be rather confusing. You will see words abbreviated and two or three letters put together and think to yourself “what in the world are they saying”. We will introduce you to the basics of the lingo used in chat bingo and help you make the most out of your online bingo experience.

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Making the most of  online bingo!

Bingo chat rooms are a wonderful and unique place for anyone who loves bingo. It is a place where you can share your love and passion for the games with people who love it just as much as you do. By not taking advantage of the chat bingo rooms you are truly cheating yourself out of a great experience. These rooms are communities where people come together and get to know one another and share the bingo experience. If you’re not a teenager and your day is not spent texting and tweeting then you have probably not been introduced to the “new” way to type.  Don’t worry we will fill you in on everything you need to know about the lingo of chat bingo!


Shorter is better


To make the chats easier, bingo players worldwide decided to shorten words or use abbreviations. By doing this they were able to cut down on the amount of time necessary to get their point across. This dramatically improved the flow of the chats and helped people to say what they needed to say without spending excess time typing.  This was a welcomed improvement in the rooms of chat bingo.  So remember, when it comes to chat bingo, shorter is better.

The lingo

Let’s discuss this new lingo that will help you improve the bingo experience. It may seem a bit overwhelming but it is actually very straight forward.

The most common abbreviations in chat bingo

  • “bol”= best of luck
  • “gl”=good luck
  • “ty”= Thank you
  • “tyvm”= Thank you very much
  • “tyu2”= Thank you, you too
  • “afk”= away from keyboard
  • “brb”=be right back
  • “bbl”= be back later
  • “gg”=good game
  • “wd”=well done
  • “lol”=laughing out loud!
  • “rofl”= rolling on the floor laughing

These are the some of the most commonly used abbreviations in chat bingo. As you play and talk with other players you will quickly pick up on some of the lesser known terms they use. Remember that the people in the rooms are your friends, so don’t be afraid to ask them if you see something you don’t understand. The more you play and chat the easier the lingo will become. Before long it will be second nature and you will be chatting away with impunity.


Be kind

Many newcomers don’t know that when typing you should always use lowercase letters. The uppercase letters are reserved for those who help mediate chat bingo rooms. They are there to ensure that all players are treated with respect and everyone has a great time. Please be mindful of other players and those who mediate the chats, everyone deserves to enjoy chat bingo!

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