Can you win money in online slots?

Here at Best Us Bingo we get a lot of bingo related questions regarding places to play, tips and tricks on how to win, and what sites have the best bingo tournaments.

you can win big money playing online slots

Can you win cash playing online slots?


From time to time we even receive questions regarding other online games such as online keno and online video slots.

We recently received a series of questions asking whether or not you can actually win money in online slots. We decided to take a look for ourselves and checked out the following websites that all have online slots games.

We played for a few days on each and checked out all the different online slots games that they have.

Online video slots at Bingo Hall

Bingo Hall has the best video slot games we’ve ever seen. Their games are powered by Top Game Software, one of the leading software providers for the online gaming industry.

They have so many online slot machines to choose from that it can be hard to decide on just one! We decided to give them all a spin to see what each one is like.

Tales of Egypt slot game

They have a really nice new game – Tales of Egypt. The game has an ancient Egyptian theme, full of pharos, hieroglyphics and ancient pyramids that will mystify you as the reels spin and the cash rolls in.

BingoHall's Tales of Egypt Online Slots are really popular

Find the pharos treasure in Tales of Egypt online slots!


Red Beard & Co. slot game

Or you can go and check out Red Beard & Co. a game based on the theme of the deep blue sea and pirates!

Sail the high seas in Red Beard and Co. online slots!

Sail the high seas in Red Beard and Co. online slots!


Trust us when we say that Bingo Hall has a ton of online slot games that will satisfy any player. What’s even better is that people are always winning on their site!

They have an entire page that’s dedicated to the biggest cash winners. We retrieved this list on August 1st so that you can see exactly how much each player has won.

Video slots cash winnings

This list represents the total sums of winnings in the past 15 days on Bingo Hall. Remember to keep in mind that this is only 2 weeks’ worth of online slot winnings.


Amount Won






















So what do you think? In just two weeks a player at Bingo Hall won over $190,000! That’s like the salary of a CEO or a brain surgeon.

Here’s the list of single hit winners on the website. For those that don’t know, in online slots single hit means the amount of money won from just one spin.


Amount Won



















So to answer everybody’s question, yes you can totally win money playing online slot machines. In fact there is so much money to be won, that it’s just a question of how much do you want to win?

Ready, set, win money!

If you want to start playing online slots and win some money then check out any of the sites we listed above. If you don’t already have an account then don’t worry, the signup process is super easy and you even get $25 in bonus bucks to help you get started playing.

Good luck playing online slots and remember to always play responsibly.

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