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Hi and welcome back on Best Us Bingo! In this article we want to talk about freebingo no deposit and how to play and win at tournaments.

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We understand that not everybody wants to spend money on bingo, although they love the game. The best solution for those who don’t want to risk a thing is the freebingo no deposit. There are plenty of games available that match this criteria. While we scouted the internet for you, we found out that BingoHall offers a vast selection of freebingo no deposit games. You can also take a look at the tournaments they have available on their website, we found them to be awesome! Choose the tournament that suits you best, or play in all of them!

How to play and win at bingo

This one of the most asked question among the players. Some of them think that there is a magic formula that will make you the Bingo Queen or King. There isn’t. To win, you need to understand the game, pay attention to its rules and play! Maybe the secret ingredient is the fact that you must love the game.

We don’t have the right answer, but we can share two of the most known bingo systems with you: the Granville System and the Tippett System. Keep in mind that there’s absolutely no way of choosing numbers that are more likely to come than others. Plus, no bingo system offers an advantage different than if you were to choose the numbers randomly. Regardless, these systems may help you win bingo tournaments. Let’s see how they work:

The Granville System

This is one of the most famous bingo system. It was invented by Joseph E. Granville. The inventor of this system was a mathematical analyst that made some of the boldest predictions in the investment world. To apply the Granville System you must choose bingo numbers that make the card symmetric and systematic. Here’s how that works:

  • A balance of odd and even balls
  • A balance of high and low balls.
  • A card has to have the same quantity of numbers that end in 1, 2, 3 etc. (For example: 21, 32, 43 and so on).

The analyst says that when you’ll truly understand the science of probability, you will understand perfectly why you have to choose the numbers this way. Granville based his theory on the fact that, in the long run, you will get an equal quantity of high and low numbers, an equal quantity of odd and even balls; that’s why it makes perfectly sense to use them as your numbers.

As a fun fact, Joseph E. Granville has wrote a book called “How to Win at Bingo”.

The Tippett System

British statistician L.H.C. Tippett thinks that, in a 75-number game for an example, the longer the games goes, the closer to 38 (median number) you should aim for. To clarify, in the early stages you’re going to have more of your numbers closer to the extremities, 1 and 75, so that in the advanced stages of the game the numbers are going closer to the median number, 38.

Therefore, Tippett suggests that you should use numbers close to 1 and 75 in short games and numbers close to the middle (38) in longer games.

There are no real statistics that can back Tippett’s Theory.


As we said earlier, there is no magic trick that would make you win at bingo. Best Us Bingo thinks that you should just enjoy the game and play for the love of it. But, if you want to test out the theories listed above, you can use them while playing freebingo no deposit, that way you won’t be risking a single thing. We recommend BingoHall as a testing space, they have some great bingo tournaments available.

Let us know if those famous theories worked for you! All the best wishes from the Best Us Bingo team!

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