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At the end of the day there are many aspects to the bingo game that make it an attractive online gaming option, many of which Best US Bingo discusses in the various sections we have for your general online bingo interest; everything from the convenience and versatility online bingo offers and the promotional bonus playing incentives to the options of playing bingo for free or playing for money; however there is one main aspect of the bingo game that can contend to be the most important one, and that is the jackpot.

There is a vast selection of online bingo sites, each with their own bonuses, rules, games and of course, prizes. Review sites, such as Best US Bingo, can help you find the best sites to play at; those that are reputable and trustworthy, and filter out the online bingo sites that appear to be scams, or are poorly operated. What does this have to do with bingo jackpots you may be asking yourself? Well the answer to that is pretty simple.

How realistic are jackpots?

The word “jackpot” itself naturally connotes attraction and desire. It is something that those people in the world that do not play lottery, bingo or casino games (or any other endeavor which may involve a jackpot) can only really dream about; “the jackpot” does carry a bit of an elusive aura about it, and it is precisely this elusiveness that makes it so appealing and intriguing.  However, those people in the world that do play these jackpot tied games, such as online bingo, do not only dream about winning a jackpot, but actually aim for that, they know that by playing they can win.

This brings us back to the quality of online bingo site you choose to play at. You will find out there, in the infinite universe of the Internet, many online bingo sites boasting the biggest, most colossal and extraordinary bingo jackpots. However a few majestic adjectives like this shouldn’t be enough to convince you! In fact, it would almost be safe to say, that the more fanfare made about the online bingo jackpot, the more likely that it’s pretty much unobtainable; good advice would be to check the payout statistics of the bingo site, reviews of this in other online bingo sites, and even jackpot winners’ testimonials before you take it for granted that “such and such” a site pays out the best bingo jackpots.

Bingo jackpots you CAN win!

This is why Best US Bingo has taken the time to carefully study, review and recommend only the very most earnest and honest online bingo sites, those that have passed our scrupulous tests, especially regarding their prizes and jackpot payouts. There are generally three types of jackpots you can find at online bingo sites:

Regular Jackpots: a large prize starting at an initial amount set by the house, and it increases in value with the wagers of all the players for that room, and thus the amount of bingo cards in play.

Fixed Jackpots: a large prize that is fixed in value prior to the game beginning and it does NOT increase in value with the amount of players, wagers or number of cards in play.

Progressive Jackpots: a large prize that starts at an initial base amount and increases in value as the amount of wagers and cards in play increases. The progressive jackpot differs from the regular one in that it is won by the bingo player who hits the specific bingo pattern in play, in a specific pre-determined amount of calls. The amount of calls needed to hit a progressive jackpot will vary depending on the house stipulations.

Needless to say, any of these jackpot prizes would be a treat! The presence of a progressive jackpot for example, creates a huge aura of frenzy and excitement at the bingo site and the room it’s being featured in particularly. There is generally a big hype about it as bingo players pile into the room to play games and all eagerly watch the progressive jackpot as it grows bigger and bigger, thanks to all their playing contributions as the suspense of when and who will win it also increments!! It is truly awesome to witness the player camaraderie as they root for those who are close to winning, and the great congratulations following any spectacular win.

Best US Bingo definitely recommends playing for bingo jackpots; there is little more in life that can compare to the adrenaline rush and the life changing circumstances such a victory could represent. Go for it!