Bingo vs. Keno – Are they easy to play?

How much do you think you know about online bingo or online keno? Check out this article to learn all about two of the most popular online games and find out which one fits you best!

The online gaming world

Since the early 2000’s the online gaming community has been gaining popularity and growing in size. Back in 2004 there was only a handful of sites where you could find a good game of online bingo. Today there are more sites than ever for players to choose from.

First and foremost before even beginning the conversation on keno vs. bingo you have to find the right type of site to play on.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites:

We recommend that you play at any of the sites listed above. They have fun online bingo and online keno games that you can play and win cash! Not only do they have great games but you can also count on the sites reliability and security. They go above and beyond to ensure that player’s information is protected and use the highest security protocols.

Each of the sites listed have a 24/7 around the clock support team that is there to help if there is ever any problem. They also offer players very generous bonuses.

For instance at Bingo Hall you get $25 free bonus when you complete the signup form and you also get 1,100% in total bonus value for your first 3 deposits. A bingo bonus like that lets you make sure you start off on the right foot.

Is keno easy to play?

Now that we got where to play out of the way let’s dig into the topic of playing Keno. It’s an easy game to learn and has similarities even to online bingo.

Keno has a history that dates back to ancient China, where they say the game helped in construction with the great wall!

keno funds were used to build the great wall

Keno helped generate funds to build the Great Wall of China!


Keno is very easy to play and the rules are really simple. The game is played on a keno card where you can pick up to 15 numbers that you play with. There are a total of 80 balls that are generated randomly just like in online bingo.

The more numbers you play with the more your bet increases. You win money by picking numbers that get generated. The more numbers you land the more you win.

See, online keno is easy and you win money!


Is online bingo easy?

Online bingo is even better than the land based version of the game. The game is played with a total of 75 balls that are generated at random. Cards have variable costs; the more expensive a card is the higher the total prize value is.

Playing online bingo has great features like autodaub which marks your bingo card off for you when numbers are called. You can also pre-buy cards and reserve a spot in a bingo room without actually having to be there. Basically you win money while you’re away from your computer!

Remember, the more cards you buy the higher your chances are of winning. So purchase those cards and watch as you start to yell BINGO! more often.

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