Bingo promotions for Earth Day

Hello! Best Us Bingo is happy to have you back here! The week is marked by one important global event: Earth Day! This is your chance to celebrate the event by playing on the special bingo promotions available these days. We found some wonderful opportunities on some websites; garla bingo is not among the mentioned ones. Also, we have a great proposal for the ones who are looking for the best paying slot machines. Read below for more information.

The best slots tournaments and bingo promotions are on Best Us Bingo

Game of Earth Tournament

Celebrate the glory of Earth Day by joining the Game of Earth Tournament hosted by BingoHall. This is a promotion specially created for Earth’s day. It’s something you won’t find on garla bingo. The tournament takes place from April 20th through April 26th. All you have to do is access the website, play in the bingo rooms and enjoy the game. To win, collect the special bingo card patterns, such as the Flower, the Waterfall and more. For every full set of patterns you will receive $150 bonus. Here are more details and the full list of the prizes that you can win:



  1. Play in these rooms and collect the special patterns:

Supernova Room – Butterfly Pattern – $300 – $600

Fusion Room – Flower Pattern – $150 – $300

Afterhours Lounge Room – Waterfall Pattern – $75 – $150

Dollar room – Lightning Pattern – $100 – $200

Desperate Housewives room – Wave Pattern – $50 – $100

Fair and Square room – Rainbow Pattern – $40 – $80

Quarter room – Tree Pattern – $40 – $80

Crazy room – Deer Pattern – $25 – $50

Nickels room – Fox Pattern – $15 – $30


  1. Every set of 9 different patterns will be rewarded with $150 bonus.

The winners will be announced on Monday, April 27th. It’s a great opportunity to play in a fun tournament, different from everything that garla bingo has to offer. We say it’s a wonderful way to celebrate Earth’s Day!

Where to find the best paying slot machines

If you’re not into playing online bingo and you want to steer clear of garla bingo this week, maybe you should direct your whole attention to online slots. These days, the best paying slot machines can be found on Vics Bingo. The website offers lots of entertaining games. The biggest problem will be to choose the game you want to play, as all of them are amazing!

A final note

There you go, these are the suggestions that Best Us Bingo has for you this week! We told you where to find the best paying slots machines and where to play online bingo, if you’re tired of the old garla bingo. Play online bingo or online slots to celebrate Earth’s Day! Good luck to all of you!

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