Bingo Hall’s New Room Is Aimed At First Timers To Online Bingo

The progressive online bingo site Bingo Hall has just recently announced that they will be opening up a brand-new online bingo room. The room is specifically for first timers to their site and is appropriately named – The Newbie Room.

The purpose of the new room is basically explained in the title. It’s for first timers to the Bingo Hall website that want to get accustomed without diving headfirst. This new online bingo room gives players an introduction to the Bingo Hall experience and creates a smooth transition into the world of online bingo.

Why the Newbie Room?

Bingo Hall's online bingo room Newbie Room is aimed at helping first timers to online bingo.

Bingo Hall states the reasons for opening a Newbie Room. Please see below what they had to say:

“We decided to open up the Newbie Room because we noticed that our online bingo community can be quite daunting to a first timer on our site. A lot of our players have been playing with us for years and have developed circles of friends.

Think of it like being a kid on his first day at a new school. It’s really kind of scary. All the other kids already know each other, have their group of friends and understand the rules of the school. It can be hard for the new kid to fully integrate and it usually takes a good month before they do so.  

There’s also the aspect of the online bingo lingo that goes on. Joining one of our chat rooms for the first time can be like reading a foreign language. Everybody writes in acronyms, which can be hard to understand for somebody that’s never participated in chat games before.

Our Newbie online bingo room is here to make sure these problems don’t exist for a new player on our online bingo site. The room is set up so that when a new person joins Bingo Hall they will be playing amongst other newcomers as well. The room is led by an experienced Chat Moderator that is there to teach all the new players the language of online bingo. The new players will learn all the acronyms and how to participate in the chat room bingo games.

Once a player signs up to use our site they will have access to the Newbie Room for their first 30 days. After the 30 days are up they will have to move on and play in any of our other rooms. From what we’ve seen so far this is a very smooth transition and it’s helped introduce a vast number of players to the world of online bingo. The players that start playing in our Newbie Room end up coming out more experienced and better prepared to win our tournaments as well as jackpots.

With our new room we hope to see an increase in the amount of people that start to participate in our friendly bingo community.”

Are you a first timer to the world of online bingo? If so then head on over to Bingo Hall today where their friendly staff are there to help you with any questions you have. Signing up is easy and you get $25 bonus just for completing the form.

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