Bingo Halls July Online Bingo Promotion: Lucky $ign Tournament

Make sure to visit this July as they are prepping up one of the most exciting online bingo promotions to date! Their new Lucky $ign Tournament has already been turning heads and creating quiet a buzz within the online gaming world and there is no wonder why. With awesome prizes and non-stop online bingo fun, it’s no wonder why they’ve become the #1 site online for 24/7 bingo action.

Bingo Hall hosts the most exciting online bingo events. For instance just this past June they had round two of their popular Daub the Car bingo promotion. Daub the Car Round 2 showcased a Ford Fiesta that was up for grabs by a lucky winner. The car was won by a regular at Bingo Hall for several years, proof that being consistent pays off, as you can polish your skills and learn how to play like a pro.'s Lucky Sign Tournament

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Find that dollar sign!

In this online bingo tournament you really have to keep your eyes open. Make sure that you buy up plenty of bingo cards because every time you land the dollar sign pattern you’ll get points towards the tournament. Every bingo room on the site gives a different amount of points, so choose carefully. The room’s point division will be as follows:

  • Supernova room – 20 points
  • Dollar room – 10 points
  • Fair and Square room – 7 points
  • Quarter room – 6 points
  • Desperate Housewives room – 5 points
  • Afterhours Lounge room – 5 points
  • Crazy room – 2 points
  • Nickels room – 1 point

Enjoy the freedom of a gift card!

Take advantage of gift cards and make sure you play in the Lucky $ign online bingo tournament where you can win gift cards with values of up to $2,000. The best thing is that these aren’t just any ordinary gift cards, they’re Amazon Gift Cards! Use them on the site to purchase whatever your heart desires. Online bingo is about having fun, and by playing in this type of bingo tournament will allow your fun to extend outside of the bingo hall.

The value of the gift card grows as the month comes to an end. The prizes will be given out as follows:

  • Sunday, 6th of July – $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Sunday, 13th of July – $1000 Amazon Gift Card
  • Sunday, 20th of July – $1500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Sunday, 27th of July – $2000 Amazon Gift Card

How to increase your chances at winning!

The most important thing that you can do to win more in online bingo is to purchase more cards. It’s simple mathematics. By purchasing more cards you have more possible chances at landing bingo, and in the case of this tournament, the dollar sign symbol.

More bingo cards = more $ symbols which = more points towards an Amazon Gift Card. So make sure stack up on those bingo cards, they’ll only bring you that much closer to the prize!

We want to leave you with one final tip before you start playing online bingo. Pick your room wisely. Since each room has a different point distribution make sure that you play in the rooms that get you the most bang for your buck.


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