Bingo Hall – Million Dollar Party Bingo Promotion

Who doesn’t dream of becoming a millionaire? From the glitz and glamour to the ability to do almost anything that your heart desires, having a million bucks is great! It gives you the freedom to travel the world and experience the finer things in life.

The folks over at Bingo Hall want to make their players have the chance to feel like millionaires and have put together a new bingo promotion that’ll do just that.

The Million Dollar Party takes you to levels of cosmic fun where you’ll have plenty of chances to win some great prizes. The total winnings pool is valued at over $1,000,000. This is the summer’s hottest bingo tournament and you cannot afford to miss it!

The Online Bingo Tournament Details

The online bingo promotion will be taking place on July 26th between 10 PM and 2 AM EST in the Million Dollar Party Room. The room is a special room that is available only within this 4 hour time period. During this time it will also be the only room that is open. Make sure to be there early so you can secure yourself a chance at winning some cold hard cash!

Familiarize yourself with all of your favorite games and patterns. You’re going to need them to be taking home the big prizes!

There’s guaranteed prizes galore in this online bingo tournament. The first couple pots will actually be reaching up to $100,000 per game and all games have guaranteed prizes valued at $1,000!

The competition which kicks off at 10 PM has a $3 card price. You can buy a total of 24 cards in this online bingo tournament.

We highly recommend that you play with as many bingo cards as you can afford. It really boosts your chances of winning. Make sure to do some research before playing if you need any winning bingo tips and tricks.

Pre-party with Bingo Prizes

The fun kicks off at 9pm with a quick warm-up session to help you get on the right track. Make sure to boost your chances at winning because the best thing about the warm-up is that it’s absolutely FREE! The games have fixed prizes of $100, which is sure to help you get closer to that bingo jackpot.

Party Boosters

Sipping cocktails and counting cash isn’t all that this competition is about. The special Full Moon Party! Pattern will offer a fixed prize of $10,000 on all calls, so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

The pots will initially reach $100,000! That’s a huge sum of money. Just think of all the things you can buy with that much cash from online bingo. Make sure you’re at the party early so that you can have a chance at winning one of these big pots.

Are you a fan of coveralls? The party will be giving away 2 Coveralls per hour with a value of $15,000. Get the coverall within the first 50 calls and the money is yours!

Be at the after party

Everybody knows that a good party always has an after party, so make sure that you’re in attendance. Go to the After Hours Lounge at 2 AM where you can take home one of the $300 in fixed prizes. Cards cost only $1 so make sure you take advantage!


Have we got your attention? If you’re like us and can’t wait for Bingo Hall’s party to kick off then make sure to visit their site now and pre-buy your tickets! After you’ve bought tickets securing your spot, take advantage of the fun variety of online games they offer.

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Take care and remember to always play responsibly.

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