Bingo Bonuses and Bingo Promotions – what you need to know about them

One of the benefits of playing online bingo is the opportunity of receiving rewarding bingo bonuses and promotions which you can later use throughout the games. While it can be daunting and confusing to go to each site’s bonus rules section, we took some time and did some digging for you. Usually, bingo bonuses are awarded based on your previous deposits and they come in different shapes. Of course, you’ll notice that the rules vary from site to site and you’re required to go through some steps and carefully read the terms. Let’s find out more!

Bingo bonuses and their advantages

What you need to know about bingo bonuses

The most common and maybe the most appreciated is the Sign-up Bonus, which can be a substantial one, some sites offering bonuses worth as much as $25 (See VicsBingo’s example)! But don’t expect to be granted this money just for playing a bingo game. You have to register, complete your profile information and wait for your email to be validated. After you’ve made your first deposit, you can also be credited a bingo bonus, and, in some cases, you can even be granted extra bonuses based on the promotions held in a particular day or you can qualify for a VIP promotion! Notice that an account holder can’t receive more than one Sign-up Bonus and he or she can’t normally exchange it for a prize, provided that there are no ongoing special promotions during a specific timeframe.

Some sites even offer a Cash Back Bonus, which represents a part of the deposit money that you have used in a game and that can ultimately be claimed back by the member. However, you can benefit from this bingo bonus only in the unfortunate case of losing the corresponding deposit. In order to avoid fraud, gaming sites have some boundaries and regulations that clearly specify the situations in which you can lose your bonuses (E.g. you haven’t had any activity six months in a row) or you’ve lost your VIP level.


And now some of the best bingo promotions

The fun and entertaining part of all online bingo games are the promotions, and there are many of them! We already mentioned the bingo bonuses and now let’s find out more about the special promotions.

The first ones are the daily specials that last for a few hours and take place in different bingo rooms in which you can play variable games, fixed games with great prizes and even dancing games. Though the dancing games can be more difficult and require a certain level of attention and concentration, these are the ones to keep an eye on if you want to win big! To benefit from these bingo promotions, it is best to buy your cards in advance.

Others last for an entire week and you are advised to join the room every day to take advantage of all the prizes and the great deals. Depending on the room you choose to enter, playing and being active in chat can bring you substantial bonuses on your first, second or third win!

Probably the most exciting and rewarding ones are the bingo promotions that last for a month, the so called “bingo tournaments” and apart from their considerable prizes, some are appealing from yet another point of view: the chance to prove your gaming skills and get a spot on the leaderboard!


Where can you find all these great promotions?

We consider this subject to be of a major importance and that’s why we have dedicated an entire article to bingo bonuses and bingo promotions. You can find all these and more on, where you have an entire list of great deals to choose from. We need to stay informed and, while looking for the best bonuses, also take into consideration that the whole point is having fun and put all our worries aside!


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