Biggest prizes won in online bingo

What is a good bingo prize?

Known as being on the forefront of the online bingo industry, Bingo Hall has built a solid online gaming reputation through quality entertainment and fun. They’ve been host to the best competitions that gave away some extravagant prizes including large sums of cash and automobiles! A lot of players ask us what a good prize is, and we always refer them to the prizes given away at Bingo Hall. The site is an online gaming authority and is a solid representation of what a virtual bingo hall should be.

The following article highlights what a good prize is, by using examples from previous prizes given away by Bingo Hall. Keep on reading to find out how you can win great prizes such as $100,000 in cash or even a car!

Daub the Car: A car is always a good giveaway!


One of the best giveaways that everybody loves is a car. Cars are an essential part of life and we believe that they make for an excellent prize. Daub the Car was a tournament in which players could win a car. In part 1 of the competition they were giving away a Nissan Versa. This time, in round 2 they’re giving away a Ford Fiesta! We really like these prizes. Not only is it sweet to win a car, but these cars are also super economical, getting a proper MPG. So cruise around the city in fashion, cause with a car like this you’re sure to have fun! Daub the Car Part 2 is still going on till the end of June so there’s still time for you to take home the Fiesta.

Bingo Bugle Cruise: A Caribbean adventure!

BingoHall's bingo buggle cruise

The Bingo Bugle World Championship takes place every year on a cruise ship that charters the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Bingo Hall gave away a trip that was all inclusive, flying one lucky player and a friend out the take part in the Championship Tournament. The players won the competition by finding as many cruise-ship patterns within the different rooms on the site. Each room awarded different amounts of points, so it was very important to play strategically and pick the rooms which awarded the most amounts of points. At the end of the month the site held a championship game in which the winner won the cruise trip!

Huge Cash Online Bingo Jackpot

The best prize given out on Bingo Hall is always cold hard cash. The jackpots can grow really big since so many players visit the site and partake in the games each day. Progressive jackpots work like a lottery. Once a player buys a card in a room a small percentage of the money from the card cost goes towards the progressive jackpot. The biggest jackpot that was ever won on the site was upwards of $170,000 dollars! That’s enough money to travel around the world, buy a house and even buy a luxury car. What would you do if you won that much money?

How Win Prizes

So, now that you’ve read this article you’re probably wondering how you can also win great prizes like a car, cruise or even $100,000. The best thing for you to do is to visit and become a member. There site offers $25 just for signing up and a combined total of 1,100% bonus on your first three deposits! So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and signup, maybe next month you’ll read an article about how you won the biggest prize in online bingo history!

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