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Hello and welcome back to Best Us Bingo! In this article we will talk about the best promotions you can access this week. Because you are our loyal reader, we will gladly teach you where to find the best online slots these days. Also, we will give you a strong reason why not to play on tombola bingo this week. Read what we have to say:

Best Us Bingo has the greatest online bingo offers and online slots promotions

Hidden Pearls Tournament


This is one of the best online slots tournaments that you can play right now. The offer is available on Vics Bingo from April 27th to May 3rd. The Hidden Pearls Tournament offers up to $2,500 CASH, that’s why we say that this is one of the best online slots promotions. To participate in this competition, you need to spin the reels in the Great Reef video slots game. It’s simple, for every $1 you spend, you will receive 1 tournament point. The players who have the most points at the end of the competition will get the rewards! Here are more details about the Hidden Pearls Tournament:

Reel Reef Rewards!

Players are rewarded according to their VIP Level:

From Bingo Princess to Bingo Master

1st place: $2,500 CASH
2nd place: $1,000 CASH
3rd place: $700 CASH

From Bingo Bronze to Bingo Platinum

1st place: $500 CASH
2nd place: $500 bonus
3rd place: $350 bonus

From Bingo Rookie to Bingo Steel

1st place: $300 CASH
2nd place: $200 bonus
3rd place: $150 bonus

The winner of the best online slots tournament will be announced on May 4th. Good luck if you will accept the challenge to find the hidden pearls!


Morning Madness Tournament


This is one of the best bingo tournaments we found this week. We’re talking about the Morning Madness Tournament. It’s a competition that you can access on South Beach Bingo. We searched similar promotions on tombola bingo, but they don’t offer anything interesting these days. To play the Morning Madness Tournament, go to the Afterhours Lounge at 5 AM! For 5 days in a row, you can win 5 incredible prizes on every 5th call. More about this online bingo tournament:

Morning Madness Tournament


  1. Play in the Afterhours Lounge room from 5 AM till 7 AM EST to enjoy 2 hours filled with special speed games with $100 guaranteed prizes and a special $1,000 prize on every 5th call.
  2. The winning players will be rewarded with:

$500 CASH – for winning one special $1,000 prize / every day, 5 days in a row

$500 BONUS – for winning 5 special $1,000 prizes / during the whole week

$50 BONUS – for winning 5 guaranteed $100 prizes / during the whole week


Prizes like these are not available on tombola bingo at the moment. Enjoy playing online bingo in this tournament!


Sum it up


So there you go! That was our recommendation for the best online slots website of the week. We hope that you will find the online bingo tournament more entertaining than the ones found on tombola bingo at the moment. Don’t forget to have fun!

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