Best Online Slots Bonus Rounds – The Guide

Hello, everybody! We at Best Us Bingo know that everybody loves a surprise, that’s why we would like to give you some information about the Bonus rounds that the slot machines have to offer. In this article you can find a recommendation for a top slot site and, also, where to play the free casino slots.


The bonus rounds

First, you must know that a top slot site should always offer Bonus rounds! Keep that in mind the next time you play slots. The Bonus is a feature that appears in selected games that are available on the website and is usually activated when certain symbols make a winning combination. The bonuses vary from one game to another. Sometimes, even if you play on the free casino slots you may be offered a bonus! You should also know that not all of the slots games have Bonus rounds! The selected ones are usually marked with a special feature. If you miss the Bonus info, you will be pleasantly surprised during the game!

Do you want to know how the Bonus rounds work? Here you go:

Free spin Bonus

The term is used to describe a special session of free spins. In this case, the number of spins is based on the winning combination that triggered the bonus. The free session usually has a different winning combination than the main game. The credit values are also higher than the ones you had in the selected game. Basically, you want to enter the Bonus round because you get more of everything, be sure of that!

Select an item Bonus

In other cases, depending on the top slot site you’re playing on, you enter a new chapter of the game. There, you are presented with certain objects that you have to choose from. Each object has a different number of credits hidden and one of them is marked with an X, in which case your bonus round is finished and you are taken back to the main game. You should aim to select a winning item, with a high value. If you select a winning object, you are taken to the next step of the Bonus, where, again, you’ll have to select something. This goes on until you succeed at selecting all of the winning items, or you find the bad one and your Bonus ends.

Where to find slots with bonus rounds

Bookmark BingoHall as a top slot site, because it offers you some of the most interesting games that have Bonus rounds! For the ones that go crazy for free casino slots, we recommend Vics bingo, a website we enjoyed testing. It offers extraordinary bonuses that go from 500% to 700% and reach 815%! Give it a go!

On a final note, we must inform you that playing slots with bonus rounds will get addictive! You will hit and hit the buttons until you get the winning combination that takes you into the Bonus round. And after you finish the Bonus, you will want another one! That’s what happened when we tested the games on the top slot site mentioned above. The same thing can be said for the website with the free casino slots.

Good luck to all of you and may you hit those Bonuses!

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