Best Online Bingo and Online Slots Promotions this Week

Welcome back on Best Us Bingo! This week, one of your favorite online bingo tournaments is back! The Morning Madness returns on BingoHall, so get ready to play in one of the best bingo rooms and win plenty of prizes! “The madness” is one of the most exciting online bingo promotions and you won’t find something similar on other sites, not even on garla bingo. The next days are bright for the online slot players also! This week, the best paying slot machines can be found on Vics bingo! Read this article and find out why!

You won't find online bingo promotions like these ones on garla bingos

Morning Madness Tournament

The highly popular Morning Madness Tournament returns on BingoHall! From July 6th till July 12th get lucky with the number 5 because it all starts at 5 AM. The summer mornings are spicier this week because this online bingo promotion gives away big prizes once every 5 calls and extra cash prizes for winning 5 days in a row. Plus, Bingo Halls awards extra bonuses for every set of 5 wins, no matter the day. It’s something that’s not happening on garla bingo this week.

How to Win

Join the Afterhours Lounge from 5 AM till 7 AM EST and enjoy 2 hours with special speed games that have $100 guaranteed prizes and a special $1,000 prize on every 5th call.

Don’t miss your 12 FREE cards for every 12 that you buy.

Players will be rewarded with the following extra prizes:

$500 CASH for winning one special $1,000 prize – every day, 5 days in a row

$500 BONUS for winning 5 special $1,000 prizes – during the whole week

$50 BONUS for winning 5 guaranteed $100 prizes – during the whole week

Now do you agree that the Morning Madness Tournament is better than anything hosted by garla bingo these days? Enjoy playing online bingo this week!

Flock Frenzy

The flock’s gone wild and you can benefit from that! From July 6th till July 12th, the best paying slot machines can be accessed on Vics bingo. The online slots tournament offers up to $2,500 prizes! All you have to do is to play the Ducks’ N’Eggs video slots game. For every $1 dollar you spend you’ll be given 1 tournament point. The player who collects the most points will win the Flock Frenzy!

The prizes

From Bingo Bronze to Bingo Platinum

1st place: $500 CASH
2nd place: $500 bonus
3rd place: $350 bonus

From Bingo Princess to Bingo Master

1st place: $2,500 CASH
2nd place: $1,000 CASH
3rd place: $700 CASH

From Bingo Rookie to Bingo Steel

1st place: $300 CASH
2nd place: $200 bonus
2nd place: $150 bonus


Do you agree that these are some of the best paying slot machines? Good luck playing online slots this week!

Whapping things up

Best Us Bingo recommends the Morning Madness as the best online bingo tournament to be played this week! Let us know if you entered the competition and if you liked it more than what it was available on garla bingo! On the other hand, the Flock Frenzy is the best online slots tournament that you can play this week! The chances at winning are high because you will be playing on the best paying slot machines! Enjoy playing games!

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